“Tuk Tuk Death”…a new means of transportation in Sudan

With nine fractures, Sheikh Omar escaped certain death after a traffic accident that occurred between a “tuk-tuk” he was traveling in and a car in the capital, Khartoum, while many passengers sustained some bruises and injuries.

The tuk-tuk is currently in the capital, Khartoum, and in many of the interior regions. It is considered a means of transportation, especially on those roads that are not covered by the well-known means of transportation.

Some resorted to turning the tuk-tuk into a means of transportation, despite its entry into Sudan as a means of transporting light goods within the markets and its narrow roads.

Prohibited from licensing

A police source in the Traffic Investigation Division in Sudan confirms to Al Arabiya.net that the tuk-tuk is never licensed according to traffic procedures and laws for transportation, but is licensed as a means of transporting goods.

He adds that some, especially in the peripheral areas of the capital, Khartoum, are making modifications to it and adding a box to be used as a means of transportation, and that the licensing procedures include a “owner (private) or commercial” license.

He stressed that most licensing procedures for tuk-tuks are carried out commercially to transport goods in many large markets, and he believes that some economic conditions may have led some to use tuk-tuks as a means of transportation.

cheap tariff

Compared to the various means of transportation in the country, the Tuk Tuk is one of the cheapest means in terms of tariffs, and some see it as the fastest, especially in times of congestion and heavy traffic.

The traffic police in Sudan do not allow tuk-tuks and “Raksha” to cut bridges and bridges, but also prevent their passage on a number of large and main streets in Khartoum.

Traffic procedures allow licensing of “rickshaws” to work in transportation, but according to specific conditions, and to walk on specific roads, which often drivers do not adhere to.

The tuk-tuk driver, Muhammad Ibrahim, confesses to “Al Arabiya.net” that he does not have a driver’s license, and has been driving a tuk-tuk for two years.

He believes that the tuk-tuk does not require a driver’s license because it is easy to handle on uncongested internal roads, according to his speech.

fatal accidents

Many serious accidents occurred due to the use of the modified tuk-tuk with a box to accommodate the transportation of passengers, due to the poor quality of the vehicle itself and the lack of safety means inside, or because of the reckless driving of the boys.

Some owners of tuk-tuks give “boys” the opportunity to drive the tuk-tuk to work and bring in the daily income, and the phenomenon of boys driving the tuk-tuk is clearly growing amid the absence of permanent monitoring by the traffic police and local authorities.

An employee in Bahri locality confirmed to Al Arabiya.net that the tuk-tuk was used remarkably in a number of Khartoum areas freely, due to a previous agreement between the residents of those neighborhoods and a former official of the locality.

It shows that the residents of those neighborhoods asked to enter the tuk-tuk after the big buses stopped working due to the exorbitant prices of fuel.

Sheikh Omar tells his story with the severe injuries he suffered after the tuk-tuk he was traveling in overturned and a number of passengers were injured.

Omar asserted that he would not ride that vehicle after the recent painful experience, and at the same time demanded that strict measures be imposed on the work of the tuk-tuk in transportation.

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