Trump is angry.. the results of Congress may upend his plans for the presidency

It seems that the preliminary results of the US midterm elections put the former president Donald TrumpAs a dominant figure in the Republican Party is at stake, after a number of his advisors considered it harmful to his political future.

In a sign of the decline in his position, perhaps within the party, some of his old allies encouraged him to postpone his announcement of candidacy after not achieving any “red wave” in the elections, despite the Republican Party winning so far the largest number of seats in the House of Representatives.

Ask the opinions of his advisors

A person familiar with the matter revealed that Trump was soliciting the opinions of advisers but had not yet decided whether to formally announce his candidacy, according to the Washington Post.

In this context, Jason Miller, an adviser and spokesman for Trump, said, “It’s all about Herschel… I would advise him to postpone his announcement until after the runoff.” “I am not alone when I say that it is better now that the former president’s moves should be focused on pushing for the election of Herschel Walker,” he added.

From the US elections (AB)

From the US elections (AB)

Also, five advisers in regular contact with Trump confirmed that they hoped he would wait until after the runoff.

Trump is angry

Two people who attended Trump’s Mar-a-Lago Tuesday night revealed that he was in good spirits, but one said he spent some time Wednesday in anger over the loss of his candidate, Mehmet Oz, in the Pennsylvania Senate race.

Trump was so eager to jump into the 2024 race that he launched a fight against Ron DeSantis, the governor of Florida and one of the leading potential Republican candidates for the presidency.

A graph showing the preliminary results of the midterm elections (AB)

A graph showing the preliminary results of the midterm elections (AB)

On Monday, the former president began a squabble within the Republican Party, after threatening to cancel the midterm elections by announcing his candidacy for the 2024 presidential election on the eve of the vote, telling people close to him that he might announce his candidacy at a rally scheduled for Monday night in Ohio, according to three people familiar with the matter. On those secret discussions that took place.

Instead, he later indicated that he would make an announcement next Tuesday amid speculation that he might confirm his run in the next presidential election.

On Wednesday, he admitted that the results of the midterm elections were “somewhat disappointing.” But at the same time, he added, via his media platform, “Truth Social”, “From my own point of view, the victory was very big.”

No red wave

It is noteworthy that the Democratic Party managed to limit the damage better than expected in the midterm elections and prevented former President Donald Trump from forming a Republican red wave in Congress that he was betting on to return to the White House.

It was not yet clear who would control the US Senate as Republicans moved closer to a majority in the House of Representatives on Wednesday, a day after Democrats fared better than expected and avoided a “red wave” of Republicans in the midterm elections.

And Senate races in Nevada and Arizona are still undecided, as Democratic incumbents try to fend off Republican rivals, with thousands of uncounted votes that could take days to count.

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