Trump calls Nancy Pelosi an ‘animal’!

In the latest chapters of fiery statements and the take and attraction between them, former US President Donald Trump described House Speaker Nancy Pelosi as an “animal”, in his closing speech before the midterm elections in the country.

Commenting on an incident involving a gangster in America, Trump said, “He hit him on the head with a baseball bat and stabbed him 32 brutally. It was an animal,” he said.

And the former US president continued, saying: “Nancy Pelosi said, please do not describe them as animals, they are human beings, and I said, No, they are animals, because I think it is an animal too,” as he put it, while cheers and applause rose from his supporters.

Trump did not announce his candidacy for the upcoming presidential elections, but he said that An important announcement will be made on Tuesday“I’m going to announce something very big Tuesday November 15th in Mar-a-Lago, we don’t want anything to distract us from the importance of tomorrow,” referring to the start of polling in the US midterm elections.

And based on the message he sent last week in his speech on the presidential elections when he said that he “is very, very, very likely that he will do it again”, it can be built on that to expect his confirmation, next Tuesday, Intent to run for president.

Nancy Pelosi recently criticized ex-President Trump, saying that he “Not man enough” To execute a congressional subpoena that forces him to testify before a special committee investigating his role in the Capitol attack.

Pelosi said In an interview with MSNBC,: “I don’t think he’s man enough to attend. I don’t think the lawyers would want him, because he has to testify under oath.”

Today, millions of Americans are heading to the polls to elect state governors, members of Congress and local officials in the most intense elections in recent years.

On Saturday, the former US president called for a “giant wave” of Republicans to support his party in the midterm elections.

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