Trump attacks Republican allies: Virginia governor ‘looks Chinese’

It seems that the former US President, Donald Trump, started an electoral war of a different kind, against Republican allies This time, or who might challenge him for the presidency in the next race, after two years, towards the White House.

After his stinging criticism of Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, it was the turn of Virginia Governor Glenn Youngkin.

His family name is Chinese!

He wrote in a sarcastic comment on his account on the “Truth Social” social networking platform that he created after being banned on Twitter, “It looks like his family name is Chinese!”

He also claimed that had it not been for his support, he would never have succeeded, saying, “I supported him, and I rallied so big for him over the phone, and rallied so hard to vote for him, otherwise he would never have seen victory.

However, he added, Glenn is fully aware of this and has admitted it.

Besides, he saw that the incumbent governor was having a hard time with the Virginia Democrats, but he would succeed!”

Trump, 76, had already endorsed Yongkin and helped him in a conference call, but he never showed up in the state for his campaign.

Virginia Deputy Governor Winsome Sears, who backed Trump in 2020, said candidates who were not endorsed by the former president fared better than others in last Tuesday’s midterm elections.

Trump’s anger

Trump’s attack on Yongkin came after he lashed out at 44-year-old DeSantis, who stole the spotlight by winning a second term on Tuesday, sealing his place as the Republican Party’s front-runner for 2024.

What angered the former president, who was intending to officially announce his candidacy, but many close Republican figures urged him to wait.

So he claims and asserts that he saved him and intervened in his favour against Democrat Andrew Gillum in the previous elections.

Earlier, he also attributed the credit for the Republican Party’s advance in the House of Representatives to himself!

It is noteworthy that the Americans went to the polls last Tuesday to renew all 435 seats in the House of Representatives, a third of the 35 Senate, as well as 36 state governors.

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