“Toko Taka”… Celebration and criticism of Myriam Fares and Nicki Minaj in the World Cup song

The well-known Colombian singer, Maluma, withdrew angrily from a meeting he had with an Israeli television reporter, after he was asked about the morality of his participation in the official World Cup song, despite Qatar’s “bad record” in human rights.

The reporter had asked Maluma, on Friday, about not taking a position similar to some of the stars who refused to sing in the World Cup that will start tomorrow, to answer, saying: “This is something (Qatar’s alleged record of human rights violations) that I cannot solve, and I came here to enjoy a ball.” foot”.

Maluma, who participated with superstar Nicki Minaj and Lebanese singer Myriam Fares, continued performing the song Toca Taka: “I am here to enjoy my music and the beautiful life,” according to the newspaper.Times of Israel“.

When asked whether his position “contributes to whitening the image of the Qatari regime,” the Colombian singer said: “Do I have to answer this question?” Someone told him from behind the cameras that he did not have to, without knowing the identity of that person.

After that, Maluma told the announcer, as he was about to leave the studio, “You are rude,” refusing to complete the interview.

“I reject hypocrisy”

In a related context, British pop star Robbie Williams defended his decision to perform in Qatar during the World Cup tournament there, arguing that it would be “hypocritical” not to go there.

The 48-year-old singer was criticized on social media for wanting to sing in Doha, according to the newspaper.Guardian” British.

Williams said in an interview to be published next month in an Italian newspaper that he “does not condone any human rights violations anywhere in the world.”

He continued, “But if I refuse to sing in any spot where there are violations…then my artistic tours will be very short…and I may not even be able to sing in my kitchen.”

And he added sarcastically: “Those who demand a boycott of Qatar do so with Chinese technology,” referring to Beijing’s record of human rights violations, which are not subject to boycott.

Williams is scheduled to perform at the Doha Golf Club in Qatar on December 8th.

Amnesty International had called on Williams to use his concert to expose “human rights violations” in Qatar.

It should be noted that the British singer, Rod Stewart, had confirmed his rejection of a tempting offer to sing in Qatar, worth more than one million dollars.

He said in an interview with the “Sunday Times”: “I refused that offer about 15 months ago, because it is not right to go there.”

For her part, the British singer, Dua Lipa, denied reports that she will perform at the opening ceremony of the World Cup.

The Albanian singer wrote on social media that she was “looking forward to visiting Qatar when Doha fulfills all the human rights commitments it made” when it was awarded the right to host the tournament.

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