Tigray Crisis: No medicines in hospitals and malnutrition threatens children’s lives

  • Sophia Peteza
  • BBC – World Service

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Haftom can barely stand up and fights for his life

Little Haftom is about five years old, and his name means “wealthy” in the language of the Tigray region, but he suffers from severe malnutrition, and his weight is half of what a child of his age should have.

While the doctor lifts the child’s tracksuit jacket and pants to show Haftom’s slender arms and legs, his mother, who did not want to be named, watches the scene with an expressionless face.

This scene represents the daily reality in the Tigray region in northern Ethiopia, where famine and malnutrition are characteristic of conditions after two years of war between the forces of the region and the Ethiopian government. The peace agreement ended the fighting in the region, but the repercussions of the conflict still exist.

The United Nations estimated in August that nearly one in three children under the age of five in Tigray suffered from malnutrition.

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