Tight security was placed on two apartments she owned…. New developments in the case of the Egyptian YouTuber, famous for “Anoosh”.

Al-Marsad Newspaper: The investigative authorities in Egypt decided to seize the money of the owner of the “Daily Routine” channel on “YouTube”, who calls herself “Anoosh”, in banks, and seized her jewelry, after accusing her of violating modesty and public morals on social media.

The investigation authorities also decided to place tight security on two apartments owned by the accused, Nabawiya “Anoush”, in the Helwan area.


Anoush made detailed confessions about her motives behind the channel’s content and the reason for providing such videos.

She said that she was forced to contract with a private company to sponsor and establish channels on YouTube to provide content entitled “Daily Routine”, which includes scenes from the women’s daily lives in the kitchen and while cleaning the house.

She added that she sought to obtain high views through which she could reap financial profits that would help her manage the expenses of her home and take care of her children, especially since she is divorced and without a breadwinner or source of livelihood.

And she added that the videos that she published at the beginning were unable to obtain the views required to achieve financial profits.

High views after temptation

After resorting to presenting the content in a seductive manner, the views began to achieve high numbers, and the woman earned large amounts of money, which were divided equally between her and the company that sponsors her channel.

And the owner of the channel revealed that she also began, in order to increase the demand for her videos, to wear sexy clothes that highlight the charms of her body to attract followers, based on the advice of one of her neighbors, given the spread of such types of videos very quickly on communication sites.


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