Thwarting the largest fraud in history, with tens of thousands of victims!

British police arrested a number of fraudsters, after discovering The biggest scam The number of its victims reached 70 thousand people.

London Metropolitan Police Commissioner Sir Mark Rowley said: “If you receive a text message from Scotland Yard within the next 24 hours – you have been a victim of fraud.”

Scotland Yard is set to contact 70,000 people after the UK’s biggest-ever scam led to the downing of a website spoofing phone numbers for banks and some agencies, which criminals used to scam thousands of victims.

Members of British law enforcement were part of a global operation to bring down, a website police described as an online scam shop.

They worked with Dutch law enforcement authorities who were able to penetrate the website’s servers in the Netherlands to secretly listen in on phone calls, according to Western websites and newspapers, which Al reviewed.

The criminals, who discovered the site from advertisements posted on channels on the encrypted messaging app Telegram, used the site to purchase technology that allowed them to hide their phone numbers.

One victim lost £3 million, while the average loss among the 4,785 people who reported being targeted by fraud was £10,000.

Of the 10 million fraudulent calls made, 40% were in the US, 35% in the UK, and the rest were spread across a number of countries.

So far 120 people have been arrested – 103 in London and 17 outside the capital.

Among them is alleged site manager Tegay Fletcher, 35, who was arrested in east London earlier this month and faces criminal charges.

Police said Fletcher, who was allegedly a member of an organized crime group, led a “luxury” lifestyle.

The site made more than 3 million pounds of profit from selling this malicious technology.

Ispoof was set up in December 2020 with a peak site of 59,000 users, who paid in the cryptocurrency bitcoin for the criminal anonymity programme, with fees ranging from £150 to £5,000 per month.

UK police began investigating the site in June 2021, and chose ispoof as the largest existing criminal site in the country.

“Our message to the criminals who have used this site is that we have your details and are working hard to locate you, wherever you are,” said Detective Superintendent Helen Rance, who is leading the cybercrime investigation.

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