This was revealed by the results of the analyzes of 6 narcotic substances in Sherine’s body

witnessed The crisis of the artist, Sherine Abdel Wahab Which occupied the Egyptian public opinion during the last period, new developments related to the issue of drug abuse, as a result of which she was hospitalized for about 20 days to receive treatment.

negative results

The hospital in which the owner of “Ah Yallil” was being treated revealed that the results of the analyzes of 6 narcotic substances she underwent to ensure her safety before allowing her to leave, were negative.

A medical source familiar with the details of the medical condition, who was briefed on the results of the analysis, confirmed that Sherine’s vital functions were stable before her discharge from the hospital, and that the results of the analyzes were to see if there were any traces of narcotic substances, such as “hashish, tramadol, opium, amphetamine stimulants, cocaine and sedatives.” It came out negative.

The source also indicated that the analyzes of “liver enzymes, sugar levels, and the condition of the pancreas were very good,” according to what Masrawy reported.

She left the hospital and returned to her ex-husband

Shereen’s last days witnessed an improvement in the hospital, which prompted her private lawyer to apply to the National Council for Mental Health to issue a decision to release her from the hospital and not continue her detention.

The owner of “Jarh Tani” left the treatment center last Thursday, but she returned with a resounding surprise, sparking controversy again by announcing her return to her ex-husband, Hossam Habib, and wrote their book, after their separation last year.

The Egyptian star also announced that they were victims of “something bigger than them”, pointing out that she made a mistake in publishing her personal news and details of her life, and that Hossam is “the love of her life”!

It is noteworthy that Sherine’s crisis with addiction treatment began on October 16, when her family decided to put her in the hospital for forced treatment.

Let the rosary of news and conflicting details be repeated after that!

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