This is the sexiest man alive for 2022

People magazine has named “Captain America” ​​star Chris Evans,Most attractive men alivefor 2022, after fellow Marvel Universe, Paul Rudd, took the title in 2021.

Chris Evans

Chris Evans

Evans, a 41-year-old bachelor, said the nickname “sounds like a strange form of humble ostentation”. However, he was keen to share the news with his biggest fan, his mother.

He told the magazine in an interview, “My mum will be very happy…she’s proud of everything I do but that’s something she can really show off.”

Evans’ popularity has grown over the years, from starring in one of his first television series in 2000 to the 2019 movie, “Steve Rogers’ Captain America.”

Chris Evans

Chris Evans

Despite his many accolades in Hollywood, the “Grey Man” star has aspirations outside of acting, including marriage and parenthood. “This is absolutely something I want,” Evans said.

He added, “Some things are just for you, or just my family and friends. The most enjoyable aspect of my career right now is feeling safe enough to let go of stress and relax. I feel like I have more freedom to take time away from the industry and still find projects. My creative desire will be satisfied when I return.”

While Evans is yet to get used to the new description, he tells People that He will look fondly upon this title When he becomes ‘flabby old’.

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