They will remain until the fall of the regime.. New calls for demonstrations in Iran

As the demonstrations that began in Iran in mid-September approaching, condemning the killing of The young Kurdish woman Mahsa AminiFrom the end of its second month, calls for new protests were renewed, today, Sunday.

called Youth neighborhoods of Tehran provinces And Lorestan and Tabriz to the evening new demonstrations across the country.

Until drop the order

These groups confirmed in statements published on the communication sites that they “will not stop until complete victory,” as they put it.

She also emphasized thatYou will stay on the streets Until the overthrow of the Islamic Republic’s regime.”

Burning pictures of Khamenei and Soleimani

This came while many areas of the country are still witnessing protests at night, and the burning of pictures of a number of officials, led by the Iranian Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei, and the former commander of the Quds Force in the Revolutionary Guards, Qassem Soleimani.

The student movement continues in universities, including strikes and vigils, to condemn the arrest of many young men who participated in the demonstrations by the security forces.

It is noteworthy that since Amini was killed on September 16 (2022), three days after her arrest by the morality police, the protests in the country have not subsided.

314 protesters were killed

Her death has since fueled anger over several issues, including restrictions on personal liberties and strict rules regarding women’s dress, as well as the living and economic crisis facing Iranians, not to mention the strict laws imposed by the regime and its political and religious makeup in general.

Meanwhile, the security forces violently confronted the protesters, killing dozens of them, and arresting hundreds.

The Human Rights Activists News Agency (Hrana) announced that 314 protesters had been killed in the unrest as of Friday, including 47 minors. At least 14,170 people, including 392 students, were arrested in those protests that took place in 136 cities and towns and 134 universities.

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