They shot down 9 drones.. Powerful explosions rocked Kyiv

After powerful explosions rocked the capital, Kyiv, the Ukrainian army announced that it shot down 9 drones launched by Russian forces over the capital, on Monday morning.

In detail, the military department announced of the Ukrainian capital, Kyiv Nine Iranian-made drones were shot down early Monday morning while they were flying in Kiev airspace, in Russia’s latest attack on the region.


Witnesses also reported hearing several explosions in the city and in the area around the capital.

The administration said on the Telegram application that Russia attacked the capital with a large number of Shahed drones, referring to the Iranian-made drones.

Since last October, Russia has launched strikes on Ukraine’s energy infrastructure, causing electricity and heating to be cut off for millions of people.

As for Kyiv, it says that Russia has launched hundreds of Shahed-136 drones on targets in Ukraine, calling for the imposition of tougher international sanctions on Iran in response.

Russia uses Iranian marches in Ukraine

While Western powers accuse Tehran of providing Moscow with drones to use in its military operation in Ukraine, Iran has already admitted sending drones to Russia, but said that it supplied them before the start of its military operation in Ukraine.

return services

While Moscow already uses hundreds of Iranian-made Shahed-136 drones, it denies using so-called “kamikaze” drones.

As for services, they have returned to the Ukrainian capital from the metro network until the delivery of water supplies to all residents, a day after the latest wave of Russian air strikes on vital infrastructure, as Russia launched more than 70 missiles, last Friday, in one of its largest attacks since The start of its military operation on February 24, which led to an emergency power outage across the country.

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