They forced children to lie.. a scandal chasing immigration officials in Britain

After accusations ofBritish Home Secretary Using inflammatory language against refugees, a new scandal is chasing those responsible for receiving refugees in the United Kingdom.

Child asylum seekers who recently arrived in Britain have revealed that they have been pressured by screening officials to say they are adults, the Guardian has been told.

In some cases, children revealed that they were told that if they said they were over 18, they would be able to leave the troubled Manston, Kent asylum processing site more quickly.

Pressure on children to change their ages

In addition, in one of the Manston Asylum Center recordings, a 16-year-old Eritrean boy was shown talking to a guard on October 29, who asked him his age.

And when the boy answered him that he was 16, the guard told him that if you say you are under 18, you will have problems, but if you say you are 19, you will get out of this place.

Refugees arrived in Britain (AFP)

Refugees arrived in Britain (AFP)

The Refugee Council also provided information about three recent interviews its staff conducted with Kurdish boys from Iraq and Iran who made the same allegations. A fifth child made the same claim to the human rights NGO Network.

confiscate their phones

According to Refugee Council staff, the boys reported being pressured to say they were older and asked to “change” their date of birth. They spoke of their detention in Manston in inhumane conditions.

Mobile phones are confiscated from people arriving on small boats, so children who made these allegations had no opportunity to record initial conversations with officials.

Refugees arrived in Britain (AFP)

Refugees arrived in Britain (AFP)

Two recent reports from the Refugee Council and the Greater Manchester Immigration Assistance Unit found that misclassifying children as adults puts them at risk of abuse and neglect.

In addition, after detailed age assessments, most of those initially assessed as adults by the Ministry of Interior were later identified as children.

Interior denies

Rina Mann, Executive Director of Services at Refugee Council, said: “This fall, our staff witnessed unprecedented numbers of unaccompanied refugee children who were incorrectly identified by immigration officials as adults.

“Some of the children who have been housed in Manston have told us that they have been pressured by officials to say they are adults with a promise that they will be moved more quickly to adult accommodations. This is very worrying and threatens the safety of the children,” she added.

In contrast, the Ministry of the Interior said it was unable to investigate these unconfirmed allegations made by the Guardian newspaper for not providing concrete evidence.

It is noteworthy that child asylum seekers are at risk when they claim to be adults, or when children are wrongly treated like adults.

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