They beat a nurse and aborted her.. A lawyer denies it and the Egyptian army intervenes

After an attack by unknown persons in Karbaj on nurses shook the city Quesna Central Hospital, Menoufia GovernorateEgyptian circles, especially with conflicting information about the validity of what happened, new details of the incident emerged.

The lawyer for the main suspect in the incident denied that one of the assaulted nurses had an abortion, denying the words of the nursing captain.

The defense team of the attacker, Abdul Hamid Al-Sheikh, also saw that what was circulated on social media platforms is not accurate at all, stressing that his client was not with his pregnant wife when she was in the aforementioned hospital in an emergency condition.

The defendant’s defense denies

He explained, in statements reported by local media, on Saturday, that the assailant’s wife kept bleeding for 3 hours without anyone helping her or getting any treatment, explaining that his sister had sent 3 distress calls via Facebook explaining what was going on.

He claimed that his client learned from his sister’s post and her calls for help, so he rushed to the hospital and found his family detained in the obstetrics and gynecology department, while the security forces prevented them from going out to rescue their daughter, according to the lawyer.

He also said that the defendant’s mother was beaten while in detention without any reason, considering that his client’s wife had miscarried the fetus due to gross medical negligence, saying: “My client lost his child, who was waiting for him two years ago… who is responsible for that?”

These developments came hours after the nursing captain, Kawthar Mahmoud, accused that one of the nurses had miscarried her fetus due to being beaten.

She added, according to the hospital’s nursing certificate, that women accompanying a patient began threatening the hospital’s nursing staff and vowing to beat them, after which two men entered the women’s section and beat all the nurses present in the section, and when one of the nursing staff took out her phone to call the emergency room, she was assaulted, which resulted in her miscarriage.

She also stressed that the patient, the wife of the attacker, arrived at the hospital with signs of miscarriage, and while the nursing staff communicated with the specialists, they were attacked by the woman’s family.

The armed forces enter the crisis line

It is noteworthy that the Egyptian Armed Forces had announced, on Saturday, that they were closely following the attack on a nursing staff and female workers in a public hospital in Menoufia Governorate.

The military spokesman, Colonel Gharib Abdel Hafez, confirmed in a statement posted on his Facebook page that the armed forces are closely following what was raised on social media regarding the Quesna Central Hospital incident, stressing respect for the principle of the rule of law, calling on everyone to investigate accuracy and wait until the investigations are over.

In addition, a video clip showing an assault on a medical staff while performing its work in Egypt sparked widespread anger in the country, amid calls for the need to deter those involved.

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