There is no plan to evacuate the residents of the capital, and the situation is under control

Today, Sunday, the authorities of the Ukrainian capital, Kyiv, denied the rumors about Planning an emergency evacuation of the city’s residents They number about three million people, stressing that the situation in the capital is “under control.”

Efforts to limit the effects of Russian attacks

Roman Tkachuk, director of security for Kyiv’s municipal council, said the authorities were doing everything they could to limit the effects of the ongoing Russian attacks on critical infrastructure facilities.

The New York Times had earlier quoted officials in the Ukrainian capital as saying that they had begun planning to evacuate the city’s residents in the event of a complete power outage due to the damage to the electricity network from the Russian missile strikes.

And the director of security in the Kyiv municipality indicated that if Russia continues to target the infrastructure, the city will lose the entire electricity system, according to what the New York Times reported.

12 hours prior notice

He also confirmed that officials in the capital have been told that they will likely receive at least 12 hours’ notice that the network is about to collapse, adding that if matters reach this point officials will start informing people and asking them to leave.

A warm shelter

However, he made it clear that for the time being at least, the situation can be controlled as there are no indications that large numbers of civilians are fleeing Kyiv, pointing out that this will change quickly if city services are stopped.

He also indicated that if there is no electricity, there will be no water or sanitation, noting that the government and the city administration are currently taking all possible measures to protect our energy supply system.

With winter approaching, the city is counting 1,000 heating bunkers that can also protect civilians from Russian missiles, most of them inside educational facilities, but authorities have asked not to report their exact locations for fear of becoming soft targets.

It is noteworthy that Russia recently targeted Ukrainian energy networks. Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky said the strikes left 4.5 million people without electricity.

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