The worst bombing.. Thus, a funeral turned into a pool of blood in this country!

After their victory in the Russian Civil War and the declaration of the establishment of the Soviet Union, the Bolsheviks tended to support the communist movements in the countries of Eastern Europe, as Lenin and his comrades provided material and military support to these movements that destabilized the region.

In the Kingdom of Bulgaria, the authorities tended to prevent the activity of the Bulgarian Communist Party after a number of violent incidents that shook the country.

In response, the communists in this country blew up St Nedelya Church, among the worst terrorist bombings in Bulgarian history.

bombing plan

After the failure of the 1923 rebellion, the Bulgarian Supreme Court banned the Bulgarian Communist Party.

Simultaneously, the security authorities went to arrest a number of senior leaders of this party who found themselves behind bars.

Faced with this situation, the Bulgarian communists formed an armed corps tasked with carrying out reprisals against the Bulgarian authorities.

During December 1924, the Communists devised a plan to assassinate the security official and chief of the Bulgarian police, Vladimir Nachev. Simultaneously, the Bulgarian Communist Party organized a second plan to carry out a major bombing during the latter’s funeral, with the aim of killing as many Bulgarian political officials as possible.

In addition, the voices rejecting this plan were raised within the Bulgarian Communist Party, as many feared the reaction of the government and the people against them.

As the scenario of assassinations carried out by the Communists continued, the Bulgarian security forces tightened the noose on the members of the Communist Party.

Hoping to kill as many of the country’s top security officials and politicians as possible, the majority of the war communists agreed to implement a plan to target the funeral of a senior Bulgarian official.

Portrait of Vladimir Lenin

Portrait of Vladimir Lenin

The deadliest terrorist bombing in Bulgarian history

With the help of a worker at St. Nedelia Church, the communists moved 25 kilograms of explosives into the church and hid them near one of the pillars on which the church’s dome rested.

Because of the tight security that accompanied Vladimir Nachev’s funeral, the Communists preferred to postpone the bombing operation to the day of the funeral of General Konstantin Georgiev, who was assassinated on April 14, 1925.

Two days later, on April 16, 1925, the Bulgarian Communist Party set out to implement its plan, which received great support from the Soviet intelligence.

A picture of the church after the attack

A picture of the church after the attack

At about three o’clock in the evening of that day, the funeral procession entered the Church of St. Nedelia. And after only about 20 minutes, the communists blew up the church building, depending on the explosives that were located a few meters from the coffin of Constantine Georgiev, causing the collapse of its main dome.

The explosion killed 200 people and injured 500 others, of varying severity.

Among the victims of the St. Nedelya church bombing were a number of senior security officials such as General Stefan Nerezov and former Minister of War General Kalin Naydenov, in addition to the mayor of the capital Sofia, Paskal Paskalev.

It is noteworthy that, a few days later, the Bulgarian authorities declared a state of emergency in the country, as a result of which the Bulgarian army began a massive arrest campaign that affected a large number of communists.

The following month, about 450 detainees were summarily executed. Among those executed was the poet Geo Milev.

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