The World Cup song took 5 months, not years

After her song to the fans at the World Cup in Qatar caused a stir, she apologized Lebanese star Myriam Fares of a statement made The duration of the preparation of her song Tukoh Taka.

And the owner of “Me and the Longing” wrote, through her Twitter account, today, Monday, “I thank everyone who wrote a sweet word about this event, which took 5 months to prepare, and I apologize that in one of the interviews I said 5 years inadvertently.”

Myriam’s clarification came after she announced in a television interview two days ago that the project took 5 years to prepare, which sparked a whirlwind of criticism against her.

She explained that she had composed the Arabic part of the song, and distributed it as well, so that she selected all the Arabic and oriental instruments.

While her sister wrote the words, Myriam added terms such as: “Peace be upon you.”

Before that, the show star was subjected to severe criticism after the promotional clip for the song Tukoh Taka spread, as some considered it a clear imitation of the style of the Colombian star Shakira, who performed the World Cup song in 2010, in terms of singing and dancing, as well as poetry and clothes.

The lyrics also have a share of criticism, as some comments considered them “very poor” on the technical level.

Official song for fans of the World Cup

In turn, Myriam Fares ignored the offensive comments, contenting herself with her social media accounts by promoting the song and its trailer.

It is noteworthy that the FIFA Federation had released, on Friday, the song Tukoh Taka by Myriam Fares, the American Nicki Minaj and the Colombian Maluma, indicating that it was produced by “Universal Arabic Music” to be the official song of the FIFA Official Festival for Fans, and it is included in the list of official music releases for the Qatar World Cup 2022.

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