The whole truth about the news of Koller’s negotiations to coach the Poland national team

In the past few hours, there have been some reports about the existence of negotiations from the Polish Football Association with Marcel Koller, coach of the first team at Al-Ahly club, to train Robert Lewandowski’s comrades.

Some reports were based on a Polish newspaper that mentioned the name Marcel Kohler, during its talk about the candidates to coach the Poland national team in the coming period, after settling on the departure of Czeslaw Michniewicz by the end of this year.

Show for El-Ahly.comThe report did not mention that Kohler is a candidate to coach the Poland national team at the present time, as was reported in some Egyptian reports, but rather mentioned that the Swiss coach was presented to the Polish Football Association about a year ago.

The report quoted an interview by Tomasz Hajto, the former Polish player, on the Polish Polsat channel, during which he explained that he had spoken with Cesare Koleza, President of the Polish Football Association, by virtue of their friendship, about the current candidates to coach the national team.

Hajto stated that he had advised Koliza a year ago to assign the task of coaching the Polish national team to Marcel Koller, after the departure of Paulo Souza, but after that a name was settled. Czeslav Michniewicz.

And he returned El-Ahly.comIn the archives of the Swiss press for nearly a year, and it became clear at that time that negotiations had already taken place between the Polish Football Association and Kohler, which later failed, before the Swiss took over, last September, the training of the Red Castle.

“Why didn’t I coach Poland? We agreed. Suddenly I had problems with my knee, I couldn’t ride my bike anymore, I kind of lost my rhythm. That’s why I had to have surgery,” Koller told Blick newspaper in January. The agreement with the Polish Confederation is now in doubt.”

It is noteworthy that Marcel Koller took over Al-Ahly training last September, and succeeded with the Red Genie in crowning the Egyptian Super Cup at the expense of Zamalek, and also qualified for the group stage of the African Champions League, and ranks at the top of the general league standings.


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