The UAE announces the abolition of all restrictions related to the Corona virus

Dubai, United Arab Emirates (CNN) – The National Emergency Management Authority in the UAE announced, on Sunday, the cancellation of all restrictions and precautionary measures related to the Corona virus, starting tomorrow morning, Monday.

A spokesman for the National Emergency, Crisis and Disaster Management Authority, Dr. Saif Al-Dhaheri, said: “Today we announce the launch of the second phase of the measures to ease restrictions, after studying the epidemiological situation in the country while monitoring occupancy rates in hospitals and intensive care for cases infected with the Covid-19 virus.”

The decision included canceling all restrictions and precautionary measures related to the epidemic, according to Al Dhaheri. While wearing a muzzle will be optional in all open and closed facilities, including places of worship and mosques, except for health facilities and facilities and centers for people of determination.

While the use of the Al Hosn application will be limited to proof of vaccination certificates and test results inside and outside the country upon request. Which means the abolition of the green pass requirement to enter public facilities and sites.

As for sporting events and activities, organizers at the national and local levels may request pre-examinations, or vaccination certificates, according to the quality or importance of the activity and effectiveness, according to Al-Dhaheri.

The spokesperson for the National Emergency and Crisis Management Authority indicated that the Covid-19 virus will be included in the national active surveillance program for influenza and acute respiratory diseases. In addition to maintaining the health capabilities related to laboratory examination and treatment, and maintaining the isolation period for a period of five days for those infected with Covid-19.


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