The UAE .. a government decision regarding the prices of basic consumer goods

Entrepreneur Joanna Martini, along with her son, Jan Mjouz, plans to launch a cosmetics and skincare line in Dubai that relies heavily on cannabidiol (CBD) oil, which is extracted from marijuana.

CBD oil is devoid of the compound THC, which is found in marijuana, which causes feelings of euphoria and numbness.

According to the networkCNN“The news is that these products will be marketed in a country that does not tolerate drug abuse and distribution issues.

Migawaz and Martini would have taken the easy way out and launched their brand in markets that allowed this type of product.

According to a recent report by Data Bridge Market Research, the market for CBD skin care products reached $952.9 million in 2021 and is expected to reach $7.58 billion by 2029.

However, Majwaz says he was not interested in serving consumers with the luxury of choice, and that he wanted to find his way in a different place and bring the health benefits of CBD to a new market.

After completing his major in economics in the United Kingdom, Majwaz had worked on major development projects in the Middle East, and was a key advisor at the Boston Consulting Group in Dubai.

However, the stress caused by his frequent travel lifestyle has taken a toll on his health, as his hair is falling out, he has back pain and insomnia before he has his gallbladder removed.

“I had a moment of realization when I told myself that no matter how wonderful my career was, it would not restore my health or the bitterness I had lost, and then I understood the true cost of the downside of modern life,” said the 32-year-old.

Majwaz says that on his journey to recovery and health, he discovered the many health benefits of CBD oil.

Gowaz and Martini explain that they collaborate with registered organic hemp farms in Spain and Portugal to produce their CBD, and make their products with a potency that is two to four times that of the average Western market product to ensure efficiency.

During the product development process, they implemented bans on nearly 2,000 product ingredients, while approved formulas were tried in clinical trials in France and Germany.

Majwaz describes the arduous process of accessing healthy products as “a blessing in disguise because the standards were so high here (in the UAE) and we had to prove that we are a brand with strong medicinal value.”

To further confirm the safety of their products, Majwaz and his mother decided to present them to the US Environmental Oversight Working Group, a non-profit group that works with experts and toxicologists to assess the safety of consumer products, and they have already received EWG Verified certification for products that meet EWG standards. Health, safety and transparency.

When Juana Skin is officially launched in the UAE this winter, it will initially be available in healthcare and dermatology clinics where consumers can ask questions and learn more about CBD from trained professionals.

Majwaz is also organizing educational conferences in the region to demystify the benefits of this marijuana oil.

According to the company’s organizers, the new products have proven very effective in treating many skin infections and psoriasis, in addition to their beauty benefits without having harmful effects compared to many traditional chemical treatments and products.

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