The stability of the marketing value of the star, Mohamed Salah, at 80 million euros, after the World Cup updates

Constancy is the motto of the marketing value of the Egyptian star Mohamed Salah The winger of Liverpool, the striker, and the first Egyptian national football team, despite his absence from the 2022 Qatar World Cup finals, which ended with the Argentine national team crowning the third title in the history of tango dancers.

According to the Transfer Market website, the marketing value of the Egyptian star Mohamed Salah is estimated at 80 million euros after the World Cup updates, as it has not undergone any change despite the failure of the Egyptian national team to participate in the 2022 World Cup, and thus the absence of Salah.

And the Egyptian star, Mohamed Salah, continues to present good levels with his English team, Liverpool, during the current football season, whether locally in the English Premier League competitions or in Europe during the Champions League confrontations.

And although the beginning of Liverpool and Salah was not perfect or the same as its predecessor in the previous four seasons, the results began to improve, and Salah was able to shake the nets of his competitors and snatch the spotlight from everyone, as usual.

Mohamed Salah scored 13 goals for his team Liverpool during English Premier League competitions And the European Champions League in its march towards competition for the golden square of the Premier League, after the lead was removed, as well as for the Champions League title.

Mohamed Salah played 14 matches in the English Premier League with Liverpool in the 2022-2023 season, with a total of more than 1239 minutes, during which he scored 6 goals and assisted 4 others.

As for the European Champions League, Salah participated in 6 matches, during which he scored 7 goals and made one goal.

Salah opened the scoring in the Premier League from the first round against Fulham, then scored a goal in defeating his team from Manchester United, and has been absent from scoring since then for more than a month until he returned to score again and scored Manchester City 11/07/2022.

Salah’s total goals in the English Premier League for this season reach 6 goals so far.

And in the Champions League, Salah scored a goal in Ajax and another in the Rangers, then scored a hat-trick in the next match against the Scottish team outside the home, which is the fastest hat-trick in the history of the Champions League in just 6 minutes, then scored a goal against Ajax and another goal against Naples at the stadium. Anfield.

Salah’s total goals with Liverpool in the Champions League for this season reach 7 goals so far.

Salah started his new season 2022/2023 by winning the Charity Shield Cup at the expense of arch-rival Manchester City, 3-1, where he scored a goal and made the same.

Mohamed Salah also scored a goal in Liverpool’s 3-2 loss against rivals Manchester City in the English Professional League Cup, to set a record by scoring 10 goals in City and scoring against the Reds’ strongest competitor in 3 different tournaments.


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