The spread of the respiratory syncytial virus in Egypt.. These are its symptoms

The Egyptian Ministry of Health announced that “respiratory syncytial virus is not a dangerous disease,” explaining that its prevalence rates are high, and that the incubation period of the virus ranges from 4 to 6 days, and the recovery period takes from one to two weeks.

virus symptoms

Hossam Hosni, head of the Corona Scientific Committee at the Egyptian Ministry of Health, indicated that the symptoms of respiratory diseases in children, such as syncytial virus, were “difficulty breathing, fever, runny nose, vomiting, and sore throat.”

He stressed that a specialist doctor must be visited when any of these symptoms appear on the child to receive appropriate care and treatment, pointing out that the ministry has a strong epidemiological monitoring system for infectious diseases in 27 facilities.

He appeared, disappeared, and then came back

He explained that since 2020, a number of simple cases that were diagnosed and then the disease disappeared, and that in October and November 2022, the seasonal attack of this virus began to be monitored.

He stated that the pathological symptoms of the virus are simple to moderate, but its prevalence rates are high, stressing that there is no antibiotic to treat this disease because it is viral and not bacterial, and that there is no vaccine for it yet, due to the periodic change in the virus’s proteins.

Methods of Treatment

He added, “But there is a treatment that is given to children at an early age,” stressing that the most important methods of treating simple symptoms are home comfort, and the use of fever reducers with the doctor’s instructions, warning against the wrong use of antibiotics in such pathological conditions.

However, he explained that death rates due to the virus are limited worldwide, adding: “Not all cases infected with syncytial virus need hospitalization, and only 1-2% of infected people need to be detained from all cases infected with syncytial virus.”

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