The slaughter of Naira, Salma, and the “Butcher of Ismailia”… crimes that shook Egypt in 2022

During the year 2022, which is about to end, Egypt witnessed several heinous crimes However, the worst of them were a few crimes that shook public opinion and aroused its feelings due to the cruelty, brutality, torture and mutilation of corpses it witnessed.

Ismailia butcher at the moment of the accident

Ismailia butcher at the moment of the accident

Ismailia butcher

And with the beginning of the year and last January, the Ismailia Criminal Court closed the curtain on the case that terrified the Egyptians, after a young man slaughtered his friend in the street, separated his head from his body, and wandered with it in the street, in a shocking scene that the Egyptians were not familiar with and reminded them of the atrocities of ISIS.

The court ruled the execution of the young Abd al-Rahman Dabour, famous bThe Ismailia butcher For slaughtering a citizen, separating his head from his body, and mutilating his corpse in front of passers-by on a street in the governorate.

Passers-by on Tanta and Al-Bahri Streets in the city were surprised at the end of October last year by a young man who killed his colleague, separated his head from his body, and then wandered with him in the street.

And the security services moved to the scene of the accident and imposed a cordon around the place, and they were able to arrest the perpetrator, and the Ministry of Interior confirmed in a statement at the time, that the killer was psychologically shaken and had previously been booked in a clinic for treatment of addiction.

The ministry stated that the killer worked in a furniture store belonging to the victim’s brother, and he assaulted the dead man with a machete, which led to his head being cut off, and he was raving in incomprehensible words. According to the investigations, it was found that the crime was committed out of honor, while the killer committed it under the influence of the drugs he was taking.

Two horrific massacres

And last February, Egypt witnessed two horrific massacres, in which the common denominator was drug addiction, the first was in the Zamalek neighborhood in Cairo, where the residents of the neighborhood woke up to a massacre committed by a businessman who killed 3 members of his family and then committed suicide with bullets.

Investigations showed that disputes between the man and his wife prompted him to commit the incident, and a security force moved to the apartment where the massacre took place to find 4 bodies soaked in blood, while an elderly woman was found with a gunshot wound to the left arm, so she was taken to the hospital, while it turned out that the businessman was in reality. Under the influence of Shabu drug abuse.

About 10 days later, Egypt witnessed a new family massacre, as an unemployed person in the Dashna area of ​​Qena governorate shot his family because of their repeated disputes, killing and wounding 5 of them.

Investigations revealed the death of two people and the injury of 3 others, after a man shot his parents, wife, sister and husband in the village of Abu Manna in Dishna, due to family disputes over inheritance and fled.

The authorities transferred the bodies of the deceased to the hospital, and the injured were transferred to receive treatment, as their condition was revealed to be serious, while investigations indicated that the perpetrator of the massacre was under the influence of shabu.

Naira Ashraf and her murderer, Muhammad Adel

Naira Ashraf and her murderer, Muhammad Adel

A crime that shook Egypt

And last June, the country witnessed the most heinous crime that shook Egypt and shocked the Egyptians when an Egyptian student slaughtered his female colleague in front of the university gate in the city of Mansoura, north of Cairo, for refusing to associate with him.

The passers-by were surprised by the student, Muhammad Adel, who slaughtered his female colleague Naira Ashraf In front of the gate of the Faculty of Arts, Mansoura University, after a verbal argument broke out between them, while the people managed to seize him and catch him.

Investigations revealed that the student had a love story with his colleague, who resides in the city of Mahalla, Gharbia Governorate, and studies at Mansoura University.

In its fastest ruling, the Criminal Court in Mansoura issued a death sentence for the student, Mohamed Adel, for killing his classmate, Naira Ashraf, after the Mufti of Egypt approved the death sentence within a period not exceeding 10 days.

The incident witnessed a great controversy in Egypt, after Farid El-Deeb, the lawyer of former President Hosni Mubarak, intervened to defend the murderous young man, despite his conviction in a video documenting his commission of the heinous crime.

Salma Bahjat and her killer colleague

Salma Bahjat and her killer colleague

Media student

Last August, the Sharkia governorate witnessed a similar incident, as the security services received a report from the Police Rescue, that a girl had been killed at the entrance of a residential property in the Zagazig First Division.

Show killed Salma Bahgat The student at the Faculty of Mass Communication was killed by her colleague at the university, after he inflicted 33 stab wounds on her in separate parts of the body until she died, and the accused was arrested and referred to the Public Prosecution.

The young man, Islam Muhammad Fathi, confessed to killing the girl after her family refused his association with her for his misbehavior and tattooing on his body, while the court ruled his execution after only 4 sessions, after ensuring that his mental and psychological powers were intact at the time of the crime and that he did not suffer from any mental illness.

Menoufia student and her killer

Menoufia student and her killer

Menoufia victim

And last September, Egypt witnessed a new tragedy similar to the tragedies of Naira Ashraf and Salma Bahjat, as a girl was murdered by a young man who refused to marry him in the Menoufia Governorate, in the north of the country.

The authorities received a report of the death of Amani Abdul Karim Al-Jazzar, 19 years old Menoufia studenta student at the Faculty of Physical Education, at the hands of a young man named Ahmed Fathi Omaira from the same village as Toukh Tanbasha.

It turned out that the young man who caused the incident had an intermediate qualification and was 29 years old, and he was from the village. He had proposed to the student, but she rejected him, as did her family, so he decided to kill her.

About 3 days later, the Egyptian security services found the killer’s body on the Cairo-Alexandria agricultural road, and it was found that he had committed suicide by shooting himself with the same weapon used in his crime.

The murderous husband, Ayman Hajjaj, and the late broadcaster, Shaima Jamal

The murderous husband, Ayman Hajjaj, and the late broadcaster, Shaima Jamal

The killing of the media, Shaima Jamal

And we can not lose sight of the case The killing of the Egyptian media, Shaima GamalThat crime that shook the Egyptian street, after the late woman disappeared for days last June, before the details of the crime were revealed. Investigations showed that the victim’s husband (Judge Ayman Hajjaj) decided to get rid of her after she threatened him to reveal their secrets and demanded sums of money in exchange for her silence. He offered the second accused (Hussein Al-Gharabli) to help him kill her in exchange for a sum of money.

Then the two hatched a scheme in which they agreed to rent a remote farm to kill her and hide her body in a grave they were digging. After they committed their crime, they burned the body to hide its features, before burying it.

The Egyptian Giza Criminal Court issued a final death sentence by hanging against the judge and his partner in crime, after consulting the country’s mufti.

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