The slaughter of his mother with a knife .. Details of a horrific crime that shook Tunisia

In a crime that shook Tunisian society, on Monday evening, a young man slaughtered his mother with a knife in the Aouina area, on the outskirts of the capital, Tunis, in an incident that sheds light on the rise in domestic violence in the country.

Preliminary research indicated that the suspect had been suffering from some psychological disorders for some time, which led to strained his relationship and entered into disputes with some members of his family, including his mother, after which he slaughtered her from vein to vein with a knife for reasons that are still unknown, which led to to her death on the spot.

crime tool

crime tool

The police arrested the accused hours after he escaped, and the Public Prosecution office harmed him by keeping him pending investigation to continue research.

Pictures circulating on social media showed the crime tool used by the perpetrator, which is a large knife, in addition to the remnants of blood that flowed from the victim.

The crime constituted a great shock to the public opinion because of its ugliness, and opened a discussion about the phenomenon of the high level of crime in Tunisia in the recent period, especially the crimes of domestic violence.

Warnings of the danger of the frequency and escalation of these crimes and their transformation into a daily practice, and demands for broader protection and stricter application of laws. This crime comes a week after a security man burned his wife alive, after dousing her with gasoline and setting her on fire, which led to her death, and he also tried to burn his 12-year-old daughter, in El Kef Governorate, north of Tunisia.

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