The Saudi fan, whose feelings overflowed, reveals the secrets of the shot

When the sound of the falcon’s rumble rose to the tunes of the tango, and the Saudi national team scored its precious victory over Argentina in the Group C matches in the World Cup, then the cameras documented and the eyes monitored the Saudi fan, Muhammad Daghriri, as he burst into tears and was at the height of his happiness.

He did not control himself and suffered misery during his travel from Jazan, southern Saudi Arabia, towards Doha, the capital of Qatar, which hosts the World Cup, and his feelings flowed and he showed the contents of his heart in an emotional moment that was reported by foreign media and followers on social media.

In his interview with, Daghriri described that moment, saying: “Those spontaneous and sincere feelings emanating from the heart of the Saudi citizen are what allowed my overflowing feelings to flow. It is the depth of love and pride in the success of our national team in this great forum, and also I do not hide that the referee has It provoked my nerves, and thank God for this joy and this success.”

The secret of spreading

And during that snapshot expressing love, he did not know that he was in the camera frame until the TV snapshot was broadcast, and he sees that what comes out of the heart reaches the heart, and this is the secret of its spread.

He revealed that his wife and children showed their concern about his going to the match, because he was suffering from pressure, but he insisted and attended at the right time, and when he ended up at the port, he had to go back until he was immunized with the third dose.

First time

This time is for the Saudi citizen – who is living in his eighth decade – in which he attends a match for the national team outside the country, and he added: “I am a retired teacher and I loved sports when I was an elementary student, and I was passionate about football, and I was honored by Prince Faisal bin Fahd in the year 1400 AH and I am a scout leader During the Hajj season, and therefore I loved very much that the love of sports be inherited from generations, and I praise this during my teaching, as well as in the hot matches.

He also made it clear during his speech that he is a football lover and expert, and since his childhood he has been linked to the encouragement of Al-Ittihad Club and loves to attend and enjoy its matches.

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