The Resurrection of Othman series, episode 103 with subtitles, a love story, link to watch the series, founder Othman, season four, episode 103

The Othman series, the fourth season, Field 103 with Arabic subtitles… It is one of the most famous words in search engines and social networks, in addition to the date of the next show of the Othman series, Part IV, Episode 5, a love story tonight.

During the next few hours, many drama fans are waiting for the broadcast of Chapter 103 of the historical Turkish series, founder Othman, which achieved high audience rates that exceeded expectations, after he succeeded in making himself a place in hearts. A fan of Turkish dramas and series, especially historical ones.

Othman series, episode 103, with Arabic subtitles

The “Safa” agency provides the ability to watch the events and details of episode 103 of the series, founder Othman, the fourth season, which fans of the series are waiting for, especially in light of the dramatic plot with which the episode ended. 102, with Shechik’s family stabbing Osman’s nephew, the actor.

Click here to watch episode 103 of the Othman series, complete with subtitles

Watching the Othman 103 series with Arabic subtitles – a love story, as the work includes many fiery events. In Osman Series 103, Osman and his soldiers cooperate with the Emperor after the heroes of the Kai tribe manage to protect the Emperor of Rome from being killed in Osman Series 102 after being betrayed by one of their leaders. .

And after Osman managed to open the Yenişehir castle, which he wants to be the capital of his state in the series Founder Osman Season 4, he will head towards the Oznik Stock Exchange, which he will try to open in the next few episodes.

The dates of the presentation of the series, Founder Othman, the fourth season

Specialized Turkish channels showed, on Wednesday evening, the events of episode 103 of the founder Othman series, the fourth season, on their screens to all viewers in Turkey and foreign countries, especially since the series has reached great and great fame in recent years in all countries of the world, as it has become the most watched and followed series.

The Turkish ATV channel will show the founding series Osman Season 4 Episode 4 with subtitles at 8 pm. m Cairo time on Wednesday of every week.

The episode of the Othman 103 series, with subtitles, is published on Nilesat channels, every Thursday evening, and the replay is at 1 pm every Friday.

The frequency of the channels carrying the series, founder Othman, episode 103, with Arabic subtitles

The Yarmouk channel broadcasts the series, Founder Othman, episode 103 with complete subtitles, and the “Safa” program shows you the frequency of the Yarmouk channel, which broadcasts the series, founder Othman, episode 103 with Arabic subtitles, as follows:
Frequency: 11678.
Coding rate: 27500.
Polarization: vertical.
Error correction factor: 6/5.

The Turkish ATV channel broadcasts the series founder Othman Episode 103 dubbed in Arabic on Facebook, and here is the frequency of the ATV channel that broadcasts the series founder Othman 103 subtitled in Arabic, a love story.
Frequency: 10796.
Coding rate: 27500.
Polarization: horizontal.
Error Correction Factor: 6/5

Watching the Othman 103 series, a love story.. click here

The Algerian Al-Fajr channel is considered one of the most important Arab channels interested in broadcasting historical series, such as: The Resurrection of Othman series, the Al-Irsal series, and the Barbaros series, so many are looking for its new frequency. Algerian Al-Fajr channel 2022.

It is worth noting that the series of events of the founder Othman is a supplement to the famous series “Ertugrul Resurrection” in its five parts, which has been shown completely over the past five years, and the first part of the series has begun to appear. It will be shown in November of the year 2019 AD, and it was completed in June of the year 2020.

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