The referral of the actress, Menna Shalaby, to the criminal court, on charges of drug abuse

Today, Wednesday, the Egyptian Public Prosecution ordered the referral of the artist, Menna Shalaby, to criminal trial on charges of drug abuse.

The prosecution accused the artist of obtaining narcotic hashish with the intent of using it in cases other than those authorized by law, stating that it relied on it from the testimony of five witnesses to the incident, the findings of the police investigations, and what was proven by the recordings of the monitoring machines at the place where they were seized, in addition to what resulted from the chemical laboratory’s examination of the found seizures. have it.

The Public Prosecution said that it had completed its investigations after the arrest of the artist by listening to the testimony of five workers at Cairo International Airport, which concluded that the examination of the accused’s bags with an x-ray machine during the completion of the customs procedures showed that there were organic condensates inside them, so they were thoroughly searched, which resulted in the finding of narcotic substances in the bags.

The Public Prosecution stated that the artist was arrested, and her narcotics were seized, and the Public Prosecution witnessed, with the recordings of the monitoring machines, the accused entering the customs area and finding the seized items inside her bags.

The report of the chemical laboratory, according to the statement of the Public Prosecution, confirmed that the seizures contained two drugs, namely hashish and cannabis, which are listed in the first schedule of the Narcotics Law.

The person conducting investigations into the incident testified that the drug was seized in the possession of the accused and that it was in possession of it with the intention of using it, and therefore the Public Prosecution referred it to the felonies.

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