The pyramids are not African. Zahi Hawass responds to Kevin Hart

While campaigns continue to demand the abolition American actor Kevin Hart concert in CairoAgainst the backdrop of his statements about the ancient kings of Egypt, which many described as “racist,” Egyptian archaeologist Zahi Hawass commented that some international artists of African descent attribute the ancient Egyptian civilization to them, especially their participation in building the pyramids of Giza.

Hawass said in televised statements, in response to the statements circulated by Hart, in which he attributes himself to the ancient Egyptian civilization, that “the Africans and the Kush ruled Egypt in the late era, at the time of the 25th Dynasty, that is, 20 years after the construction of the pyramids, and the Africans have nothing to do with building the pyramids at all.” scientifically.”

The Egyptian archaeologist expressed his willingness to meet Hart and convince him of the logic that the Africans and Kush had absolutely no connection with the pyramids.

Kevin Hart

Kevin Hart

Zahi Hawass is a liar.

And about a situation he was exposed to in the US state of Pennsylvania, Hawass said: “I was about to give a lecture in Philadelphia, and a day before that I appeared on television and said that the Egyptians have no connection to Africa despite our presence in it. The black group staged demonstrations against me and closed the street, and the lecture was delayed 3 hours, and the title was Zahi Hawass, a liar.”

It is noteworthy that international artist Kevin Hart is facing intense Egyptian campaigns on social media to cancel the presentation of the “stand-up comedy” concert, which is scheduled to be held in Cairo on February 21, due to his recent statements and his contract with a company that embodies the ancient Egyptians as black Africans and bears the name Black Sands Entertainment. as they say.

“racist” statements

It is noteworthy that actor Kevin Hart said in previous statements about Egypt: We must teach our children the true history of black Africans when they were kings in Egypt, and not just the era of slavery, which is entrenched in education in America.

He added, “Do you remember the time when we were kings?” He then accused Kevin Hart of racism and falsifying Egyptian history.

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