The phenomenon of “overprice” in Egypt is moving from cars to medicines and other commodities

Despite the Central Bank of Egypt’s rapid move to contain the crisis of stockpiling goods in Egyptian ports, the “overprice” phenomenon has returned again, which had already begun. In the car market about a year ago Specifically in October of 2021.

And the “over price” is an amount added to the price of the commodity, decided by the distributors in exchange for selling, instead of waiting for months before receiving when buying from the agent at the official prices.

The crisis has returned again during the past days, but this time it included, in addition to cars, new commodities such as medicines and some imported commodities.

This phenomenon has caused car prices to double in the Egyptian market, especially with the inability of agents and importers to meet the local demand for new cars.

Some companies resorted to refunding the reservation provider, in addition to an interest rate of 18%. While a large number of seizers resorted to the judiciary and filed lawsuits against importers, while others went to the Consumer Protection Agency.

But; And with the crisis of dollar scarcity and the accumulation of goods in Egyptian ports, the drug market witnessed the disappearance of a large number of items, whether imported or those whose production includes raw materials from abroad.

Because of the companies’ inability to provide the dollar needed to release the shipments detained in the Egyptian ports, some companies that have local stocks have resorted to doubling prices and applying the “over-price” phenomenon to the types of imported medicines or those whose manufacture includes imported raw materials.

Dr. Wael Taha, who is the owner of more than one pharmacy in Giza Governorate, confirmed that some medicines have already disappeared from the local market, especially since the companies that have local stocks have doubled the prices, and therefore the majority of pharmacies refuse to buy at the new prices that are set by the companies that monopolize some items. pharmaceutical.

In his interview with, he explained that doctors know the crisis, and that is why they sometimes prescribe 5 alternatives for one class of medication, and sometimes the patient does not find one of the five classes, and in the end he buys according to the new prices that have been doubled during the past days.

On the other hand, and a few days ago, the Ministries of Health and Population, Higher Education and Scientific Research denied the existence of a shortage of medicines and medical supplies, whether in the hospitals of the Ministry of Health or university hospitals nationwide, and the two ministries confirmed in a joint statement that there is no truth to the existence of a shortage of medicines or supplies. Medical and preventive hospitals in the Ministry of Health and university hospitals nationwide.

They stressed that all medicines and medical and preventive supplies are naturally available, whether in Ministry of Health hospitals or university hospitals, and that the strategic stock of them is safe and reassuring. They pointed out that there is a continuous follow-up of the situation of its availability in all hospitals, and any additional quantities are pumped out in case of need, through coordination with the Egyptian Authority for Unified Purchase, the Medical Supply and Supply Authority, and the Medical Technology Department.

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