The Pamela Anderson Diary: A Taste of Fame and Pain

  • Holly Honderich
  • Washington

Baywatch star, former model and actress Pamela Anderson addresses the press during a promotional event on March 14, 2008 in Berlin.

image copyright GettyImages

In the 30 years since she first ran along the shores of California on Baywatch, which remains one of the most watched series of all time, fans and critics have become familiar with various parts of Pamela Anderson’s life story: the covers of Playboy magazine, A leaked sex tape, multiple marriages.

And he distributed a stolen video, featuring intimate footage of Anderson with her first husband, Tommy Lee, raking in over $75 million in sales in the first year just for its leak?

A fictional series about Anderson’s ordeal, which was produced by US streaming service Hulu, received widespread acclaim and earned 10 Emmy nominations.

The Canadian-born blonde tells this story herself, in a book of memoirs and in a nearly two-hour documentary on Netflix.

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