The outer planets are metallic planets

The outer planets are metallic planets. The planets in the solar system are divided into two parts, inner planets and outer planets. Are the inner planets metallic planets or not? Space science is much compared to the past, because space science in the past was an unknown science, to people, because there were many myths around it, but with human interest in studying it, it became aware of many theories and accusations about it, and through this article provides information about space science.

Definition of outer planets

Exoplanets are known as planets far from the sun that lie outside the asteroid belt and these exoplanets are a group of giant gas planets because these planets are completely covered in gas and all of these planets contain rings and many moons, despite the huge size of those exoplanets, so we can Only seeing two planets without binoculars, namely Saturn and Jupiter.

The outer planets are metallic planets

Outer space includes many planets that have been discovered in the current era by astronomers, and scientists have divided those planets into two types; They are the outer planets and the inner planet, and the outer planets are defined as metal planets located outside the asteroid belt or outside the solar system, and the outer planets include Jupiter, which is the largest planet in the solar system, and it is followed by 4 very large moons, and Saturn comes in second place, then the planet Uranus, Finally, the planet Neptune, which was discovered in 1856 AD, the answer is

  • The phrase is correct.

The most important characteristics of the outer planets

They are planets composed mainly of hydrogen and helium, so they are called food giants, and these planets are characterized by high gravity, which plays an important role in protecting helium and hydrogen from moving away, and most of the mass of exoplanets comes from, from gas and one of their most prominent characteristics

  • It has no definite surface area, but is largely composed of 75% hydrogen, 24% helium, and 1% other elements.
  • The outer planets have a solid metallic core made up of several rocks and minerals.
  • The planet Uranus is characterized by blue clouds.
  • The planet Neptune is very cold.
  • You don’t have rings around it.
  • It moves in its orbit very slowly.
  • similar in size.
  • very similar.

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