The nuclear agreement with Iran is not currently of interest in Washington

A White House official said in exclusive statements to Al-Arabiya that the nuclear agreement with Iran is not currently of interest in Washington, noting that he shares the European Union’s condemnation of Iran for suppressing the protesters.

In his statements to Al-Arabiya correspondent today, Tuesday, the American official revealed that there is no progress at the present time regarding the nuclear agreement with Iran, and that no progress is expected in the near future.

The US Deputy Ambassador to the United Nations, Robert Wood, said that the Iranian Foreign Ministry recognized Transfer of drones to RussiaAnd the evidence is clear of Russia using these planes to bomb the civilian infrastructure of Ukraine.

“A few months ago, evidence emerged of serious violations of Resolution 2231 committed by a permanent member of this council,” Wood said. “Ukraine revealed reliable evidence confirming Russia’s use of Iranian-made drones to attack civilian infrastructure.”

He added, “Tehran, in turn, and through the words of its foreign minister, admitted last November to the transfer of drones to Russia, and let me remind you that Resolution 2231 prohibits the transfer of this type of aircraft without the prior approval of the Security Council.”

The Iranian ambassador to the United Nations, Amir Saeed Irani, said, for his part, that a number of drones were transferred to Russia before the outbreak of the war, calling for an end to accusations and misinformation campaigns about the use of these drones in Ukraine.

“We have already engaged in bilateral talks with Ukraine to clear up the current misunderstanding regarding our drones. To be clear, Iran transferred a number of drones to Russia before the war broke out, and they were not transferred for use in the conflict in Ukraine,” said Erwani.

He added: “The campaign of disinformation and baseless accusations against Tehran must be ended.”

A few days ago, Western diplomats revealed that Russia exerted tremendous pressure on the Secretary-General of the United Nations, Antonio Guterres, and his advisors. For not opening an investigation regarding Iran sending drones to Moscow for use in the Ukraine war.

The two diplomats indicated that Russia had threatened to stop its cooperation in other issues related to Ukraine, especially the grain export corridor through the Black Sea, according to what was reported by the “Axios” website.

But according to the diplomats, the United Nations legal adviser and the undersecretary for political affairs are determined to authorize Guterres to commission experts to look into the matter, noting that there are precedents for similar cases in the Middle East.

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