The myth of prophetic medicine

Ibn Khaldun says in his introduction to the science of medicine:

((And among the branches of natural women is the medicine industry, and it is an industry that looks at the human body in terms of disease and health, so its owner tries to preserve health and cure disease with medicines and food after it becomes clear about the disease that pertains to each of the organs of the body and the causes of those diseases that arise from it and what each disease has from medicines… And perhaps they singled out some of the members of the speech and made it a special science, such as the eye and its causes and conditions… And the imam of this profession in which his books were translated from the ancients is Galen… and his compositions in it are the mothers that all physicians after him emulated. Like Al-Razi, Al-Majusi, Ibn Sina, and also many of the people of Andalusia, the most famous of whom is Ibn Zuhr.It is for this era in the Islamic cities, as if it decreased due to the cessation of urbanization and its decline, and it is one of the crafts that only civilization and luxury require, as we will explain later…The desert among the people of urbanization has a medicine that they build in most cases according to An experience confined to some people inherited from the elders and elders of the neighborhood, and some of it may be correct, but it is not based on a natural law or according to the mood.The Arabs had a lot of this medicine, and among them were well-known doctors such as Al-Harith bin Kalda and others.

And the medicine transmitted in the legitimacy is like this, and it is not from revelation in anything, but it is something that was normal for the Arabs. And he fell in mentioning the conditions of the Prophet, may God’s prayers and peace be upon him, from the type of mentioning his conditions, which are usually and innate, and not on the one hand that this is legitimate in that way of work.

For he, may God’s prayers and peace be upon him, was sent to teach us the laws, and he was not sent to define medicine or other ordinary matters. What happened to him regarding the pollination of palm trees occurred, and he said: “You are more knowledgeable about the affairs of your world.” Nothing of medicine that occurred in the authentic hadiths transmitted should not be interpreted as legitimate, as there is no evidence for it…)).

This text is considered one of the very important texts. In it, Ibn Khaldun decided on matters that are still raised up to this hour with the pervasiveness of the movement of political Islam and the general (awakening) accompanying their movement, such as his assertion that the sayings of the Messenger in medicine are not from revelation, but rather they are inherited from the therapeutic habits prevalent in his time. And before his era, it is a social heritage that is recognized and considered among them. As for the medicine that Ibn Sina, Al-Razi and others practiced in the following periods in the third century and beyond, it is considered from real and modern medicine, as indicated by Ibn Khaldun, and Ibn Khaldun indicated in this text to the weakness of medicine in The late periods are due to the lack of interest, and this is an observed fact. In times when political Islam implements, it revives forms of non-scientific therapeutic practices in an exaggerated manner, so spells, amulets, magic and sorcery are devoted, and the jinn and zar sessions are attended for therapeutic purposes, and the real treatment is neglected. This is what happens, and we all remember Sheikh Ali bin Musharraf Al-Omari, how people flocked to his door for treatment and how he retracted these therapeutic practices and advised his reviewers to review psychiatric hospitals and others, and how some sheikhs did not accept this retreat from him and his directing to people to review medicine Psychological, especially since this incident is during the period of power and influence of political Islam groups.

Fethiye is for a man who did not take advantage of circumstances in order to store money behind exploiting people’s sick conditions.

Rather, he took advantage of his name after that and his fame, and folk healers appeared who took advantage of the people’s need and claimed that they were relatives of Ali bin Musharraf Al-Omari, and they did the treatment and sold bottles of water and olive oil under the pretext that it brings healing and wellness.

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