The mysterious cook, Umm Walid, breaks her silence and reveals her income

The Algerian YouTuber specializing in cooking, known as Waleed’s mother A recent controversy, not with its delicious and economical recipes that made it sweep social media, but rather about the income it earns from YouTube, after one of the sites revealed record numbers.

The YouTuber, Umm Walid, broke her silence and revealed the truth about her income, according to what was reported by Al-Shorouk newspaper, quoting the “Live Celebrity” program, which is broadcast by Al-Shorouk, after the owner of the Samira channel, who works for the famous cook, was contacted.

The presenter of the program stated that Samira Zawya called Umm Walid, who assured her that she does not receive these imaginary amounts from YouTube, noting that she receives small amounts from the bank according to the number of views and subscribers.

Since the day she entered the world of social networking sites, “Umm Walid” did not reveal her face and contented herself with presenting cooking recipes without appearing, as she is known for her economic recipes, in which many found a savior in difficult moments.

Income of Umm Walid

The “Nathworth Spot” website, which specializes in statistics, revealed that the Algerian cook’s wealth exceeded 4 million dollars.

He pointed out that the channel on YouTube has attracted 11.3 million subscribers since its launch in 2015.

He explained that although it is impossible to reach a fixed number of her returns, her wealth could reach about $3.35 million.

The site said that it relied, in determining the channel’s income, on the revenues of YouTube ads.

He indicated that her net worth could be higher given the sources of income for a YouTube user, noting that expectations reach $4.7 million.

And he added that she earns an estimated $838,000 a year, noting that her channel attracts more than 465,000 views daily.

YouTube users, depending on the site, can earn between $3 and $7 per thousand video views.

And if Umm Walid is within this range, the site sees that she earns $55.89 thousand per month, with a total of $838.4 thousand annually.

Diamond shield

And at the beginning of last September, the Umm Walid cooking channel achieved a new leap after obtaining the Diamond Shield from YouTube, as it reached 11 million subscribers and two billion views.

According to followers, the Algerian YouTuber became the first woman in the Maghreb to gain this number of subscribers and views.

The “Umm Walid” cooking channel has been able to maintain its subscribers and increase the number of its followers by a large percentage since its opening.

Activists had previously launched a solidarity campaign to give her the Diamond Shield, to encourage meaningful content.

Activists on social media say that Mrs. Umm Walid is a source of inspiration for those wishing to excel and succeed, as she has proven that a person can influence others and make profits without manifestations of pretense and gasping for stardom. Respond to any criticism of her because of her anonymity.

Umm Walid was able to maintain her mysterious and unknown personality until today, despite the passage of 7 years since the first video she posted on her YouTube page. She even participated in presenting a cooking TV show on Samira TV without showing her face, even The channel team does not know her identity because she stipulated that she should record the episodes herself.

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