The mother of the ISIS bride breaks her silence…”Our life collapsed”

While still an issue of abstraction “Bride of ISIS” Shamimiya Begum, Of her nationality, continuing in Britain, with her lawyer appealing the decision of the Ministry of the Interior, her mother broke her silence.

In statements she recently made before the Special Immigration Appeals Committee (SIAC), (or the Special Immigration Appeals Commission), her mother, Asmaa, confirmed that her daughter, who left the country when she was 15 years old with two of her friends, does not leave her thoughts.

Shamima Begum

Shamima Begum

Our lives fell apart.

And she added, “I think about her almost every hour,” confirming that their lives and their world collapsed when Shamima left the house in 2015.

In addition, the mother of four children confirmed that she celebrates her little girl’s birthday every year, according to local media.

Was she really a victim of smuggling?

“Her school jacket is still hanging behind the door at the family home in Bethnal Green, east London.

As for her last birthday, which she spent with the family before her departure, she confirmed that the “Daesh bride”, as she was described, was very happy on that day.

Her children died

It is noteworthy that Shamima, who is still currently in a camp for displaced ISIS families in northeastern Syria, is trying hard to recover her nationality, which she was denied in 2019 by an official decision.

Her story divided the opinions of the British intelligence into two parts, the first with her return in the hope of reintegrating her, especially since she was a child when she joined the organization, and the other rejects this theory completely on the grounds that it is a great danger to the country, and prefers that she remain in Al-Hawl camp.

While her lawyers filed an appeal more than a week ago against the British government’s decision to strip her of her nationality, considering that she was “a child and a victim of smuggling” when she left London airport in 2015 and moved to Syria, where she later married her to a fighter of the organization and gave birth to 3 children from him, all of whom died at the age of Breast feeding!

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