The “mask” reduces the spread of viral diseases and does not harm breathing

Specialists confirmed to “Al-Youm” that wearing gag Surgical or cloth mask, does not affect the level of oxygen or carbon dioxide in the body.

They pointed out the importance of wearing it; to reduce the spread infection and viral diseases, and maintaining the health and safety of everyone, stressing that it does not harm breathing.

saliva droplets

The Assistant Undersecretary of the Ministry of Health for Preventive Health, Dr. Abdullah Asiri: “Several studies concluded that the mask did not affect breathing at rest or physical activity, meaning that the feeling of shortness of breath is not due to lack of oxygen, nor to an increase in carbon dioxide in the blood, and it goes away with getting used to.”

Dr..  Abdullah Asiri indicated that mostly respiratory viruses are not transmitted alone - today

He pointed out that mostly respiratory viruses are not transmitted individually, but rather in large numbers in droplets of saliva and mucus emerging from the respiratory tract of the infected person, and the mask traps these droplets on the outside surface.

Negative effect

Family medicine consultant Dr. Wejdan Al-Juhani: With the entry of the seasonal flu season, the Ministry of Health reiterated the necessity of wearing a mask, to limit the spread of viruses, especially in gathering places and health facilities.

She added, “The question arises again on social media about the negative impact on breathing, which may result from wearing a mask, as some rumors have been raised claiming that wearing a mask may lead to an increase in carbon dioxide and a lack of oxygen in the body.”

Dr..  Wejdan Al-Juhani emphasizes wearing a mask, to reduce viruses - today

And she continued, “In this regard, many scientific studies and experiments were conducted to test the effect of wearing a mask on the ability to exchange oxygen and carbon dioxide, and on the possibility of its impact on the performance of sports activities, and it was found that in healthy people, wearing a mask does not affect any of the above, with There is limited impact during high intensity sports.

She pointed out that studies showed the effect of the psychological factor on the feeling of difficulty breathing while wearing the mask, saying, “Hence, we return to stressing the important role of the mask in preventing the spread of respiratory diseases, and not to drift behind rumours.”

Facing the pandemic

The emergency medicine consultant, Dr. Basem Al-Bahrani: The most important measures that were issued to confront the pandemic is the recommendation to wear a mask, as local and international recommendations were issued to wear a mask to reduce the spread of the Corona virus.

He added, “The mask has contributed and continues to contribute to reducing the chances of spreading infection, in addition to the many studies that have been issued confirming that wearing a surgical mask or a cloth mask does not affect the level of oxygen or carbon dioxide in the body, and confirms the safety of the masks.”

Dr..  Basem Al-Bahrani stresses the need to wear a mask to reduce the spread of Corona - today

He pointed out that many doctors and surgeons around the world wear surgical masks daily, for long hours for many years, and this did not affect their respiratory system, and the advice is still to wear a mask, especially if you suffer from respiratory symptoms; To reduce the spread of respiratory diseases, as well as wearing a mask in closed and crowded places.

Preventive measures

Assistant Professor, Department of Family and Community Medicine, Dr. Ghada Bint Fouad Al-Youssef: The best way to prevent influenza is to take preventive measures, such as washing hands regularly, avoiding contact with patients, and taking the seasonal influenza vaccine, in addition to wearing masks.

Dr..  Ghada Al-Youssef stresses taking preventive measures to prevent influenza - today

It showed that viruses flu Known ones, such as A and B, are transmitted through airborne droplets, when the infected person sneezes, talks or coughs, and individuals may inhale them, which makes wearing a muzzle one of the reasons affecting infection or not.

Vital Signs

Respiratory care specialist Khaled bin Dhaher Al-Anzi said: According to recent studies, there is no effect on vital signs when adhering to wearing a mask, even if there is an effect.

Khaled Al-Enezi explained that the benefits of wearing a mask are more than its harms - today

He explained that the benefits of wearing a mask are more than its harm, especially in this period in which seasonal influenza infection abounds, as the mask is sure to inhale the spray flying in the air from the infected, and I also advise taking the seasonal influenza vaccine.

spray mist

The pediatrician Dr. Amira Al-Shammari: Many recent studies have found that there is no lack of oxygen or shortness of breath while wearing the mask, and a live experience for us by wearing the mask, we measure the oxygen, up to the normal limit, above 94%, and without it, the oxygen measurement is also 100% normal.

Dr. Amira Al-Shamry explains that there is no lack of oxygen or shortness of breath while wearing a mask - today

She recommended wearing a mask in crowded places, and in the event that there is an infected person that prevents us from the volatile spray that transmits viruses to us, may God protect us and you.

viral enemy

The internal medicine specialist, Dr. Turki Mubarak Al-Anzi: Wearing masks has been associated in our minds with epidemics, as if it embodies the fear of an invisible viral enemy, waiting for the opportunity to penetrate into your body.

Turki Al-Enezi confirms that some have mastered the manufacture of alternatives to masks - today

The importance of wearing masks in public places is due to the fact that between 6 and 18% of infected people may not show any symptoms of the disease, although they are able to spread the infection, not to mention that the incubation period of the virus may reach 14 days before symptoms appear.

A study conducted by scientists from the University of Arizona indicated that the death rate in New York could decrease by 17 to 45% over two months, if 80% of people wore medium-efficiency masks.


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