The London Front responds to Istanbul.. and appoints another person to act as the Brotherhood’s guide

A few hours after the Istanbul Front announced the appointment of Mahmoud Hussein as acting guide of the Brotherhood, succeeding Ibrahim Mounir, the London Front responded and announced that the acting general guide of the group is Muhyiddin al-Zait.

“Al-Zait is the one who performs the work of the guide.”

The Front said in an official statement on Wednesday that Al-Zait is the acting guide until the necessary arrangements are completed by naming the Chargé d’Affaires, to succeed Ibrahim Mounir.

And the Istanbul Front, in a new development that strengthens and deepens the divisions within the Brotherhood and increases conflicts between its fronts, has decided to appoint Mahmoud Hussein as the group’s guide, succeeding Ibrahim Mounir, who passed away a few days ago.

Community list

The front announced that the group’s General Shura Council, in the context of its permanent session, studied in its session this week the developments of the group’s internal conditions, and considered a memorandum submitted by the committee in charge of the work of the general guide regarding activating the work of Article Five of the group’s general regulations, and decided to implement it.

He also added that the regulations stipulate that in the event of compulsive impediments that prevent the guide from carrying out his duties, he shall be replaced by his first deputy, then the oldest, then the oldest of the deputies, then the oldest and then the oldest among the members of the Guidance Bureau, adding that, since there are currently no members of the Guidance Bureau after the arrest of Mahmoud Ezzat, except Mahmoud Hussein, the council decided that the latter would assume the duties of the group’s acting general guide.

Message from prison

It is noteworthy that the conflict between the Istanbul and London fronts within the group had witnessed a temporary calm in the recent period, after each of them claimed that a message of support and endorsement had arrived for him from the group’s guide who is in Egyptian prisons, Muhammad Badi’, as the Istanbul front confirmed that it had received a message of support from the guide to its leader from Mahmoud Hussein and his demand to stop any division in the ranks of the organization and to make every effort to solve the detainees’ crisis, which was also mentioned by the London Front.

The split officially began in December of last year 2021, with the Istanbul Front announcing the exemption of Ibrahim Mounir from the duties of the acting general guide of the group, and assigning Mustafa Tolba to carry out his duties, while a third movement has recently emerged struggling for the leadership of the group, belonging to the Kemalists Front, in relation to Muhammad Kamal, the Brotherhood leader who was liquidated in Clashes with the security forces in 2016, and he was in command of the armed and specific committees of the Brotherhood.

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