The League of Clubs is lying to Zizou…and a financial penalty is expected for the player

A source in the Egyptian Clubs Association denied the statements of Ahmed Sayed Zizou, player of Zamalek Club, regarding his failure to receive the best player award in his club’s match against Haras El Hodoud yesterday, Tuesday.

The journalist, Hani Hathout, revealed the details of his dialogue with Ahmed Sayed Zizou after the match, and it was reported by the Clubs Association officials.

Hathout said yesterday on his match program, “Zizou denied what was reported that he refused to receive the award because of his objection to the method of selecting the best player by the fans’ vote.”

And he continued, “Zizou said that this matter is not true. What happened was that it was not said on the internal radio in the stadium who was the man of the match, and that he went to the dressing room and put on his clothes, then a representative of the League came and told me of my choice.”

He added, “They asked me to wear the Zamalek shirt, and it was difficult to wear it again, and they refused me to receive the award without my picture in the Zamalek shirt.”

And through his Twitter account, Hathout revealed this afternoon, Wednesday, the response of a source from the League of Clubs, in which he denies Zizou’s statements, as he tweeted, “ A source from the League of Clubs to me: Zizou was the one who refused to receive the award, the internal announcer announced his name before the end of the match, but he said, “No, I will not receive it.”.

And he continuedWe went behind him on the award podium in front of the locker room.. He also refused, after his determination to refuse, and his giving his shirt to one of Haras El Hodood players, we decided to leave.

Hathout concluded his tweets. The source completed: We decided to announce Zizou’s name as a winner through our media platforms, but we are considering imposing a financial penalty on him.


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