The leader of the Hezbollah militia requests financial support from the Gulf states

Despite his constant attacks on the Gulf states and his support for the Iranian regime, the leader of the Hezbollah militia, Hassan Nasrallah, did not feel embarrassed as he asked for financial support from the Gulf states. According to a video clip circulated on social media.

Nasrallah said in the clip, which was widely circulated: “Is Lebanon more important to Europe than Egypt? Is Lebanon more important to Saudi Arabia than Egypt? Is Lebanon more important to the Gulf than Egypt? What is missing from the Gulf countries is that 100 billion, 200 billion, 300 billion come.”

He calls for help and attacks

The clip was very popular and widely ridiculed by the pioneers of the communication sites, who considered that Nasrallah’s request was “unparalleled insolence… From the same chair that has repeatedly declared its affiliation with Iran’s guide, he is asking for help from the Gulf states, which he is attacking and standing against all the time.”

False heroism

For its part, Cairo described Hassan Nasrallah’s statements as “absurd.”

The Egyptian official news agency quoted Ambassador Ahmed Abu Zeid, the country’s foreign ministry spokesman, as making a brief comment describing Nasrallah’s statements as “absurd, and nothing but an attempt to summon false heroics.”

“exposing in Egypt”

Nasrallah was speaking during a celebration of the anniversary of the opening of a research center, on (Thursday) evening, according to what was reported by the “National Information Agency” in Lebanon, when he addressed the attendees, calling on them to monitor the situation in Egypt, and considering that Egypt’s conclusion of a (peace treaty) with Israel and its commitment to it, This did not prevent her from resorting to borrowing from the International Monetary Fund.

He also exposed the leader of the Hezbollah militia in Jordan and other countries.

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