The Kuwaiti Foreign Ministry expresses its dissatisfaction with the beating of citizen students in Egypt

The Kuwaiti Ministry of Foreign Affairs has expressed its strong dissatisfaction and rejection of what some Egyptian security men have done to beat up some Kuwaiti students studying in the city of Alexandria.

In the circulating video clip, a group of Egyptian security men beat two Kuwaiti students and knocked them to the ground before taking them to another location.

For its part, the Kuwaiti embassy in Cairo said, according to Egyptian media, that it is following up with the Kuwaiti cultural attache in Alexandria the investigations of the security authorities regarding a quarrel between a group of Kuwaiti students in a commercial complex in Alexandria.

The Kuwaiti embassy in Cairo added that the video circulating on social media related to a quarrel between a group of Kuwaiti students studying in Alexandria, which resulted in some minor injuries, which led to the intervention of the security forces to resolve it.

The embassy expressed its dissatisfaction with such actions that were taken by some Kuwaiti students, calling for adherence to the laws and regulations in force in Egypt.

And Egyptian media reported, quoting a security source, that the procedures for the exit of all Kuwaiti students had been completed by the security forces in Alexandria.

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