“The Killer Ulster”… The tragic death of an Egyptian girl after an out-of-marriage pregnancy

The Egyptian Public Prosecution decided, on Saturday evening, to imprison a bus driver who caused the death of twenty passengers who drowned in a canal in Mansoura, Dakahlia Governorate, north of the Egyptian capital, Cairo, “after it was proven that he had taken a drug.”

On Saturday, the Egyptian Public Prosecution received a report that a bus sank in a canal in the center of Aga, and the death of twenty of its passengers, and the injury of eight others, including the bus driver, who was arrested, according to its statement on the website.Facebook“.

Security sources told Reuters, on Saturday, that about 35 people were in the bus, and that the accident occurred “as a result of speeding, and as the driver tried to overtake a car in front of him, the steering wheel broke and the bus fell into the canal.”

The Public Prosecution Office moved to the scene of the accident for inspection, and also moved to the hospital to discuss the bodies and question the injured, who decided that if the bus driver spoke on his mobile phone, he was surprised by a car that he could not avoid due to his speed, which caused the accident.

By questioning the bus driver about the accusation he was accused of, he denied it, and by conducting a preliminary analysis of the accused, it was found that he had used a drug, according to a statement by the Public Prosecution Office.

The Public Prosecution decided to present the driver to the Forensic Medicine Authority for a final analysis of the extent of his drug use, and authorized the burial of the identified bodies, and samples were taken from the remaining unknown bodies until their identity is determined, and investigations are underway, according to the statement.

Fatal traffic accidents claim thousands of lives annually in Egypt, and accidents and collisions mostly occur due to speed, poor road conditions, or non-compliance with traffic laws, according to “AFP”.

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