The Juno spacecraft takes a precise picture of Jupiter’s atmosphere and two of the planet’s moons

NASA’s Juno spacecraft has revealed a precise image of the atmosphere of Jupiter and its moons Callisto and Io. The newly released image by the spacecraft’s JunoCam was taken just under a year ago, as Jupiter-exploring Juno completed its 38th close flyby of the largest planet. in our solar system.

moons of Jupiter
Jupiter’s atmosphere and its moons

According to the “Space” website, the image shows the arc of Jupiter’s horizon and the undulating clouds of the planet, while also capturing the moons Io and Callisto, and the image was taken when Juno was about 8,700 miles (14,000 km) above the top of the clouds. Jupiter, at about 69 degrees latitude, was traveling at about 123,000 mph (198,000 km/h) relative to the planet, according to a statement from NASA.

Scientist Gerald Eichstadt used raw JunoCam data to make the original version of this image, and NASA revealed that another scientist, Thomas Thomopoulos, processed it, enlarged it and made color improvements.

It should be noted that Juno recently conducted a flyby of the four main Galilean moons of Jupiter, the ice-covered ocean world of Europe, and Juno also approached the fourth moon, Ganymede, in April 2021, providing the largest picture of the moon in the world. the solar system during that trip.

NASA is providing the raw images to JunoCam, where they are available for the public to view and process, just as the two scientists did with a recently released Juno image from nearly a year’s worth of data.

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