The gallows awaits Saddam Hussein’s brother’s grandson.. Lebanon handed him over to Iraq

Yesterday, Friday, Lebanon handed over Abdullah Yasser Al Sabawi, Grandson of former Iraqi President Saddam Hussein’s brotherto the Iraqi government after the security authorities arrested him last June on the grounds of confessions against him of his involvement in the Speicher massacre committed against the Iraqi army in Tikrit in 2014.

Yesterday, the Iraqi Interpol announced in a statement, “After an exceptional effort and intelligence tracking, the suspect (YYS), accused of the Speicher crime, who is wanted in accordance with the provisions of Article 4 of terrorism, was recovered from the Lebanese Republic.”

He also added that this recovery came in close cooperation with the Iraqi Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Iraqi Embassy in Lebanon, and the Iraqi National Intelligence Service, in coordination with the Lebanese Interpol.

‘big conspiracy’

While Abdullah’s uncle, Saad Sabawi Ibrahim al-Hassan, in contact with “”, only said, “He will reveal in the coming days the details of the case.”

And he wrote on his Twitter page: “In violation of all international laws, my nephew Abdullah Yasser Sabawi was handed over by the government of Lebanon to the Iraqi authorities under a big conspiracy that I will reveal soon.”

Politician, not judicial?

A high-ranking judicial source confirmed to that the extradition decision is “purely political” and not judicial, because Lebanese law prohibits the extradition of any accused of a crime of a political nature, in addition to the fact that the accusation of dealing with the terrorist organization “ISIS” is not based on facts and evidence. “.

Al-Sabawi had taken refuge in Lebanon with his family four years ago, after they had settled for years in Yemen after the fall of Saddam’s rule.

However, on June 13, his apartment in the city of Jbeil, Mount Lebanon district, was raided by a security apparatus and arrested on charges of collaborating with ISIS, at the request of the Iraqi authorities.

Saddam Hussein

Saddam Hussein

Aoun signed his extradition

In the context, a source familiar with the issue confirmed to Al that “President of the Republic, Michel Aoun, signed a day before the end of his term of office a republican decree handing over Sabawi to the Iraqi government, after he refused to do so.”

He did not rule out that “there will be a “financial deal” behind this file, from which some of those around the President of the Republic who have relations with the Iraqi authorities “benefited”.

Bodies at Camp Speicher in Tikrit on April 12, 2015

Bodies at Camp Speicher in Tikrit on April 12, 2015

In addition, the source revealed, “The head of the Iraqi Supreme Judicial Council visited Beirut a few days ago to participate in a judicial conference, and he met on the sidelines of a number of those affiliated with the President of the Republic, and it seems that these meetings were aimed at arranging the extradition process.”

He also clarified that the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees sent a letter to the Lebanese security authorities two days ago requesting that Al-Sabawi not be extradited to the Iraqi government, as he holds the status of political asylum.

UNHCR declined to respond

However, the official spokeswoman for the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees in Lebanon, Dalal Harb, declined to answer’s questions about the case, saying only that “the UNHCR is reluctant to share information about any refugee, in respect of the principle of privacy to protect the person concerned.”

With Lebanon handing over to Sabawi, the grandson of the brother of the former Iraqi president faces the gallows after the same accusation was directed against other members of his family, as confirmed by the informed source.

Speicher massacre

It is noteworthy that the “Speicher” massacre took place after ISIS captured members of the Iraqi forces in Camp Speicher, in the city of Tikrit in Salah al-Din Governorate on June 12, 2014.

In that massacre, 1,700 Iraqi soldiers were killed, after “they took them to the presidential palaces in Tikrit, and they killed them there, and in other areas, by firing squad, and burying some of them alive.”

Saad al-Sabawi confirmed in a previous audio recording that “his nephew has not entered Iraq since he left when he was eight years old, the day after the fall of Saddam’s regime, and that the accusations leveled against him in the Speicher massacre are “malicious” and have nothing to do with the truth.”

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