The Galaxy A14 phone, at a cost of $ 200, comes with an upgraded screen

Samsung starts 2023 with an update to its budget phone, adding some upgrades to the Galaxy A14 5G, at least on paper. Samsung’s budget phone, the A14, costs about $199, which is $50 less than the A13 5G. Comparing the phone to its predecessor, it comes with a higher resolution screen and a better selfie camera, while leaving many other basic specifications without any updates. Samsung also promises up to four years of security updates and two OS version upgrades, which is a significant step up and better than promising two or three years of security updates, which are more common at this price.

Galaxy A14 phone
Galaxy A14 phone

Galaxy A14 5G has MediaTek 700 chipset and 4GB RAM, just like A13. – and that’s a good thing – he introduced the A13 Well done With this chipset, Samsung isn’t trying to fix something that isn’t broken here. There’s still only 64GB of storage, but as before, microSD expansion is an option. The screen is slightly larger at 6.6 inches, and the resolution has been boosted from 720p to 1080p. The screen still runs at 90Hz, which should make scrolling a little smoother than the standard 60Hz, but the extra pixels on a screen this large must make the real difference.

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The rear camera array includes a 50MP main camera with low-resolution macro and depth sensors, and the selfie camera has been upgraded from 5MP to 13MP. There’s a large 5,000mAh battery on board the phone, as well as 6GHz 5G, both of which were carried over from the last generation. The phone comes with Android 13, so it is updated with the latest software OS version. Overall, it’s a decent set of specs for a $200 phone – the downside we have with this phone is that it’s only available in black. But we will keep our hopes pending for more colors in the next version of the Galaxy A14 budget phone.

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