The frequency of the Saudi Ssc sports channel 2023 on the Nilesat satellite

The frequency of the ssc sports channel on the Nilesat satellite Who owns the broadcast rights to all matches of the Saudi and non-Saudi national team, such as: the King’s Cup in Spain, and the Italian Cup, so many football fans around the world started searching for the frequency of the channel and enjoying watching the matches, which successfully compete with other sports channels, the ssc channel is a multi-channel network Owned by the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, it has the rights to broadcast a large number of matches since 2021, and it does not stop there. Instead, it presents a package of interesting sports programs and sports analysis programs under the supervision of a large number of commentators and broadcasters such as: Fahd Al-Otaibi, Abdullah Al-Harbi, Turki Shadeed and others.

ssc channel frequency

SSC owns the broadcast rights for the final and semi-final, which brought together Barcelona and Real Madrid, and both teams are very popular among football fans in countries around the world. The two teams played in the Spanish Super Cup, and the match ended with Barcelona winning, 3 goals to 1. Enjoy watching the rest of the matches on the channel by receiving them on the Nilesat satellite, frequency 12523 horizontal, encoding rate 27500, error correction factor ¾.

What is SSC Channel?

The Saudi sports channel network is called ssc. It is a collection of 9 channels of sports only. It is owned by Abdulaziz bin Turki Al-Faisal Al Saud, a Saudi businessman who serves as Minister of Sports and Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Arab Football Association. This channel broadcasts several matches such as: the Saudi Professional League, the Saudi Super Cup, the AFC Champions League, the Spanish Super Cup, the Brazilian League, the Portuguese League, and the channel presents these matches for free without subscription fees, in addition to many sports analysis programs, such as: Bra 18 , Roundup, Social, The Mouse, and for other channels, it is available on Jobex and The Watch, including: ssc1, ssc2, ssc3, ssc4, ssc5.

With this, we discovered the frequency of the Saudi ssc channels so that you can watch the league matches of all kinds and enjoy sports analyzes with the best sports analysts.

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