The French star wishes Messi to win the World Cup at the expense of his country

Former French star David Trezeguet admitted that the 2022 FIFA World Cup final on Sunday will be “difficult on a personal level,” as he suffers from confusion between his loyalty to the French national team, with which he previously won the World Cup title, and his Argentine roots.

Trezeguet, the former star of Juventus, suffers from a state of dispersion regarding his loyalty to the two countries, but he believes that Argentine captain Lionel Messi deserves to win the World Cup and needs that more than French striker Kylian Mbappe.

Messi, 35, the Paris Saint-Germain star, is looking for his first World Cup title, while his French teammate, Kylian Mbappe, is looking forward to winning the World Cup for the second time in a row.

Trezeguet told Argentine TV network TYC on Saturday: “I repeat it constantly, for me on an emotional level, bearing in mind that it is his last participation in the World Cup. Leo deserves to be a hero. He makes people dream. This does not diminish.” France’s ambition to retain the title.

He pointed out: France came to win the World Cup title, there is no doubt about that, here lies the difference in age, Leo is at the end of his career, Mbappe is just starting, and he will achieve all records.

He explained: Together at Paris Saint-Germain they form an amazing duo, but Argentina play for Messi, everything goes through him.

He continued: It’s a difficult situation on a personal level, on an emotional level something I didn’t want, but it’s a celebration and a great final. It’s what we all expected given the facts and the history, they are the two best teams in the World Cup.

Trezeguet won the 1998 World Cup with the Roosters, after he preferred to play for France, the country in which he was born, over playing for Argentina, where his parents lived.

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