The founder Othman Episode 103 with subtitles The love story of the Resurrection of Othman Episode 104 with subtitles Al-Fajr Channel

Othman new 103 A love story, the frequency of the Al-Fajr channel, the new dawn on Nilesat – the Othman series 103 A love story ~ The Othman Resurrection Series, Episode 103 with subtitles. While the series, founder Othman, episode 102, will be shown, with subtitles, on the Love Story website. The Al-Fajr channel, along with the Yarmouk channel, is also providing the founder Othman series, episode 102, with subtitles.

The frequency of the new Al-Fajr channel on Nilesat – Othman 103 series

The process of updating the frequency of the Al-Fajr 2023 channel on the Nilest channel is also carried out at the following frequencies:

Frequency: 12654.
Second frequency: 11034
You can also set it on the TV screen without any problem.You can also set this frequency on the receiver, which is:

Polarization: horizontal. Repeat 12034.
Error correction factor 3.4.
encoding rate 27500; Quality accuracy. SD.

The founder Othman series 103 with subtitles, season 4

The Yarmouk channel is also re-presenting the new episode of the founder Othman series, translated and with high accuracy. Every Saturday evening, at exactly eight o’clock in Saudi Arabia and Turkey and seven in Egypt.

The story of the love of the Resurrection of Othman Announcing Episode 103 Part IV Channels of the founder Othman

The Resurrection of Othman, the announcement of Episode 103 with subtitles, via the website Algerian Al-Fajr channel new

What are the channels that show the series, founder Othman, with subtitles?

A love story from the most important channels of the founder Othman presents the biography of the founder Othman bin Ertugrul, his battles against the Mongols of the East and the Byzantines of the West, the weakness of the state, the betrayals of relatives, and his jihad and his warriors to plant the tree whose lower branches remained.

The love story of founder Osman channels The new weekly episode 102 of the Kuruluş Osman series, founder Osman, is shown every Wednesday evening on the Turkish ATV channel, at exactly eight o’clock in Egypt and nine in Saudi Arabia.

The dates of the presentation of the series, Founder Othman, the fourth season, the next episode 103

We note that through the Turkish ATV channel, the founder Osman series, Part IV, new episodes are shown every Wednesday on the following dates:

The founder Othman series will also be broadcast at seven o’clock in the evening, Cairo time, while you are watching the resurrection of Othman at eight o’clock in the evening, Saudi time. The founder Othman series will also come to you at nine o’clock in the evening, UAE time.

While the Algerian Al-Fajr channel broadcasts episode 102 of the founder Othman, translated into Arabic, every Thursday evening. And that at exactly nine thirty in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and Turkey.

The series, founder Othman, will be shown, translated, at half past eight, Egypt time. The next day, the channel will broadcast the translated episode at exactly two o’clock in the evening.

Resurrection Othman Episode 103 translated from the original love story website from over here

Announcement of the Resurrection of Othman Episode 103 translated from the official website of the Turkish ATV channel from over here

Founder Othman Episode 102

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