The fast marriage official is causing an uproar in Egypt..and the prosecution is moving

The Egyptian Ministry of Justice announced, on Wednesday, the suspension of a legal official from work, and the referral of his assistant to the Public Prosecution Office for investigation, after a video spread on social media calling on young people to quickly complete marriage contracts before the new personal status law is issued.

The Ministry of Justice’s move came after social media users in Egypt circulated a post by a sheikh calling on young men to marry before the law was issued, “to avoid paying 30,000 Egyptian pounds to the Family Support Fund,” he said.

“the authorized representative”

The ministry said in a statement it posted on its Facebook page: “Within the framework of the Ministry of Justice’s follow-up to what is published on social media about news related to the ministry, it was found that there are some publications for a page called “the legal representative”, on which a person named Sheikh Yasser Al-Qurashi writes. Publications and pictures of him documenting marriage contracts, claiming that he is authorized, and calling on citizens to get married before the new family law is issued so that they do not pay 30,000 pounds to the fund.

And the statement added: “The examination revealed that he does not work as a legally authorized person, and that he performs the work of the legal authority on documents related to the authorized person, Muhammad Muhammad Darwish Mustafa, with the help of the latter by providing him with marriage documents and documents and authorizing him to do so in violation of the list of authorized persons.”

False messages

The statement indicated that “a memorandum of the incident was issued and referred to the Public Prosecution to take over the investigation for what he published on social media of false messages carrying malicious rumors, while the official, Muhammad Muhammad Darwish Mustafa, was suspended from work and the marriage and divorce books were withdrawn from him.”

The project provides for the establishment of an “Egyptian Family Support Fund”, and among its resources will be fees from those about to get married, according to what President Sisi said during the inauguration of a factory last Sunday, but he did not specify the amount.

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