The fact that Al-Nasr was considered a loser against Al-Raed…a decision that surprised Al-Hilal and Al-Ittihad

In a big surprise.. There was strong news, about the possibility of consideration The first football team of Al-Nasr Club“losing” to Al-Raed, in the upcoming match, this evening.

Victory faces The first football team of Al-Raed ClubToday, Friday evening, in the ninth round of the Roshan Saudi Professional League 2022-2023.

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Globally, it ranks second in the ranking table Saudi Roshan Leaguewith 19 points, and 3 points behind the first football team of Al-Shabab Club, which has the lead.

Any loss of points for Al-Nasr Club; It makes him vulnerable to “losing” the second position, to the Union “Third” with 18 points, andCrescent moon Fourth, with 17 points.

* The fact that Al-Nasr Club was considered a “loser” to Al-Raed

And the legal advisor, Samir Othman, revealed the fact that Al-Nasr Club was considered a “loser” in front of Al-Raed – whatever the outcome – if the Cameroonian star participated. Vincent Abubakar, the center forward of the first football team; After being sent off in the Qatar 2022 World Cup.

And Abu Bakr received a red card, “two yellow cards”, in the match between Cameroon and Brazil, in the third round of the group stage, in the Champions League. World Cup 2022; It is the last for his country, in this version.

Othman denied, in televised statements, that Al-Alamy Castle was affected by this expulsion. Stressing that the World Cup is completely separate from the Roshen Saudi Professional League competition.

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The legal advisor stressed that Abu Bakr’s “expulsion” was for “taking off” the shirt, in celebration of his goal in Brazil, which is considered unsportsmanlike behaviour. It is not a disciplinary punishment.

Samir Othman explained that the suspension of Vincent Abu Bakr, because of this red card; It will be about the first official match for the Cameroon national team, while his participation with Al-Nassr, in various competitions, will remain 100% correct.

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