The European Union requires Apple to implement technology from Android.

The European Union has dealt a new blow for “apple” Through a new decision that was approved, and related to the “iPhone” smart phones produced by the American company.

The new decision requires Apple to abandon its current charging ports that are unique to its phones, and to use unified charging ports, which makes users not obliged to buy charging cables for iPhones or iPads.

Although there has been talk about this decision in Europe for several months, it was finally published in the Official Gazette and became binding, and it takes effect from the end of 2024, a period that experts say may be relatively short and cause Apple to incur huge losses.

According to a report published by the British newspaper “Daily Mail”, and viewed by “Al”, “Apple” will have to change the battery charging ports in its “iPhone” smartphones before the end of 2024, and according to the decision, all “iPhone” devices sold must be Within the EU, it is rechargeable using the connections called (USB-C) by December 28, 2024.

And a new law was published in the Official Journal of the European Union, forcing Apple to replace its (Lightning) port with a global version in devices sold in EU member states, as the legislation aims to make the (USB-C) connectors currently used in “Android” devices the same. EU approved and standard charging technology.

The law was officially signed by the European Parliament last October, but it was recently published in the Official Gazette and has become binding and public.

Apple’s proprietary power connector technology can be distinguished by its eight pins found exclusively on Apple devices.

Following the entry into force of this law, users in European Union countries need only one charging cable to power all products from smart devices, whether phones or tablets, regardless of the company that produces these devices.

Users in Europe will not need to buy a new charger with every device they buy, so manufacturers will have less pressure to include one with their products when customers likely already have one.

All Android smartphones can be charged with a USB-C cable, as well as most modern laptops and tablets.

The current charging cable for “iPhone” and “iPad” phones costs about $ 23, for those who wish to buy it from the “Apple” store.

The European Union has been pushing for change in an effort to reduce e-waste, or “e-waste,” while also maintaining uniform charging speeds across devices.

Around 155,000 tonnes of electrical waste is disposed of in Britain each year, while a study commissioned by the European Union found that up to 13,000 metric tonnes of annual e-waste was attributed to discarded chargers and cables.

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